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    My Story-2nd Flair with 17 year remission

    Hello everyone. I've been reading these boards and it seems like everyone's IBD acts a little differently. I wanted to share my story in hopes that I may meet others who have had similar experiences. I was diagnosed with CD when I was 17. I spent several weeks very sick with a fever, fatigue...
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    Diagnosed with both crohns and UC?

    I was diagnosed with crohns when I was 17 with a colonoscopy and other classic symptoms (arthritis, canker sores, stomach pain, fever, etc). I have been blessed not to be sick for over 15 years until now. This time, my symptoms are much different. Mostly I just have bloody diarrhea. I had a...
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    Sigmoidoscopy-Q about prep

    Help! I have my first sigmoidoscopy tomorrow. I am out of the country and there is a language barrier. As I understand it, I'm supposed to take 1 fleet enema 4 hours before the procedure and then another 1 an hour later? Is there a certain time I have to stop eating? Or certain foods I should...
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    Colonoscopy when pregnant?

    Hi all! I was diagnosed with crohn's when I was 17, and was blessed not to have a flair again until now at the age of 34! And this time it's totally different in terms of symptoms. I have bloody diarrhea. I go 10+ times/day. I've had the bleeding for several months and the frequency of diarrhea...