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  1. Phartologist

    Uceris 9mg Tablet

    My Gastro has suggested that go on Uceris.... with my medicare part D Uceris would cost me $900 for 90 days or $10 per tablet [1/day] Does anybody have any experience with Uceris?
  2. Phartologist

    Treatments with Medicare Part D

    :stinks::stinks::stinks::stinks: My Gastro has put me on Uceris and/or Humira. Being over 65 I am on medicare parts A/B/D.... Under Part D Uceris costs 10.00 per tablet or $900 for 3 months...Humira costs $700 per pen or $4200 for three months.... All of the $25 offers specifically exclude...
  3. Phartologist

    Periodic Constipation

    :lol2::lol2: Hi all! Went from 2-3 D's a day to periodic constipation.:stinks::stinks:.. seems that my system goes to sleep and only wakes up after 2-3 days of no BMs. GI recommends fluid diet when constipation sets in until the GI system is back to "normal"....Looking for others with same...
  4. Phartologist

    Crohns and stomach virus

    I am on 6MP, Pentasa, Nexium, and Paxil CR. The 6MP has dropped my blood levels drastically and I have been asked to babysit for a grandchild. The child has a stomach virus and is throwing up. Should I do it? :ybatty::ybatty:
  5. Phartologist

    Life Insurance with Crohns

    My insurance policy is about to expire and the company upon learning I have crohns asked for medical tests. They then said NO INSURANCE because the 6MP is skewing the blood numbers. Has anybody had a similar problem? Is there a life insurance company that will issue a policy to a crohns...
  6. Phartologist

    Crohns and Constipation

    Diagnosed in 2006 and currently on 6MP, Pentasa, Nexium, assorted vitamins and minerals. Question; For those of you suffering from constipation, what is working for you? I have been told to maintain low fiber diet to maintain passage though the crohns closure. This has caused constipation...
  7. Phartologist

    Crohns and Testosterone

    I was diagnosed in November 2007 with CD. Was on Pentasa 8/day, 6MP 25mg/day, Prilosec 40mg/day. Had a roller coaster ride until mid 2009 when the urologist started me of large doses of Testosterone after a test showed my levels almost nonexistant. Withing 2 months my CD symptoms reduced by...
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    Small bowel cleanse

    :poo: Hi Ya'll, Have had crohns for years without medical assist. Recently the stricture has become a problem, while not totally closed it is closed enough to block any solid poo. I asked my GI for a small bowel flush/cleanse but he had nothing to offer. Does anyone have possible...