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    Stomach pain! What could it be?

    I am looking for some support please as it it hard to watch my son suffer daily : My son who is 18 who was dx with crohns of the duodenum a year and a bit ago and has been on remicade (his first medication) for 4 infusions so far. His G scope last week thankfully showed major improvement and...
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    Blood Result feedback

    Hi! We are officially new to this disease despite 17 years of symptoms, and the uncertainty doesn't seize to amaze me..... I have a question regarding blood results:My 19 y.o son's nurse suggested that his low Ferritin result is considered within the normal range. I however, question whether a...
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    Crohns of the Duodenum- help

    Hi! We are new to Crohns and to this forum. I am amazed by the tremendous support and information available . Well done!! My son who is 18 was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease. It has been quite a journey until he was finally diagnosed. I was wondering if anyone else has had crohns of the...