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    Cooking with Questran

    Hey all! Been for a check up and the gastro thinks that some diarrheah I've been having lately is due to bike salt malabsorption. He's asked me to take Questran once a day but I heard it's really yucky! How do you all take it and is there anything I can put it in that makes it passable?
  2. Pointy_ears

    Not feeling at all Human/Like a person

    As I'm writing this I am kind of wondering if I'm moaning or just pure ungreatful, or even if I'm just reaching out to the right people! But I just don't feel right and I can't figure out what's wrong with me. My Crohns is as under control as it will ever be at present. But since new years day...
  3. Pointy_ears

    Spot or abscess

    Hey all, I've had a couple of abscesses before, but it was that long ago I can't remember what they felt like in the early stages. Last night I noticed I had a small pea sized lump in the fleshy area between my groin and rectum that is sore, it has no head and nothing comes out when I squeeze...
  4. Pointy_ears

    Bye bye junior!

    We all knew this day was coming Junior has been reversed on Thursday 11 April 2013. It's weird not having him although the surgeons told me the procedure went well! I don't feel like it did as I havent passed any wind since Friday morning and my consultants seen it fit to give me jelly and ice...
  5. Pointy_ears

    Me and junior have a date with the prof

    I just had a check up today and have been told as I have put on a good amount of weight and my bloods are healthy Prof Morton will be reversing junior. Although this news I've been longing for Its came with a bitter sweet taste and a part of me is sad to see the little fella go. He helped me...
  6. Pointy_ears

    Did I just have a blockage pass through?

    This morning I woke up to a bag of fluid and when i emptied it I had a lump of greenly poop about the size of a cherry in the bag. Was that just me passing through a bit of hard poop? Because I've recently had a bout of having to go into hospital with high liquid output and I'm scared I'm going...
  7. Pointy_ears

    Hit with sudden spate of the big D help!

    Ok so I usually have one maybe two thinner motions a day, but yesterday afternoon/evening junior has started slinging out loads of fluid! And he hasn't stopped I drink a glass of water and like half hour later it's run right through me! I wouldn't have thought I'm de hydrated as I don't have...
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    Lets talk diet?

    I have a stoma for an Ileostomy and Crohn's disease. I was just wondering what is the best diet to follow. As things like marshmallows are good for thickening stoma output, yet they're bad for CD? What's a guy to do. Although my surgeon says he cut out all the diseased bits I feel healthy now...
  9. Pointy_ears

    Getting comfortable with my ileostomy

    Well it's been 4 weeks since my operation and i can tell I'm on the mend because I've started to become very self conscious of my ileostomy bag and getting comfortable with it. I find myself constantly wanting to change the bag and I just can't seem to find a comfortable or discreet way of...
  10. Pointy_ears

    Split after surgery

    My girl friend of four years has just dumped me while I'm still recovering from surgery that has left me with an ileostomy. At first this has come as a relief as I have seen this coming a while off, but now I'm scared as I'm still very uncomfortable with how it has left me feeling about my own...
  11. Pointy_ears

    3 years Crohn's, new to the forum

    I'm Ian, I live in the uk and was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2009 after a case of iritis and two perianal abscesses. Since my diagnosis I was put on azathioprine and mesalazine and had a great if fairly normal life, got a girl friend, a house and a beautiful two year old daughter. The start of...
  12. Pointy_ears

    Ileostomy obstruction, scared of a blockage!

    I've recently had major surgery to resect some small bowel drain abscesses and repair my bladder. All to do with Crohn's! I just read hat onions, peppers, mushrooms and even sausages can obstruct an ileostomy which I was given three weeks ago. I ate all three yesterday for lunch and dinner...