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    COVID and Paxlovid in immunosuppressed kiddo

    Hugs to you and dd hope she feels better soon
  2. polly13

    3.5 year old son recently diagnosed with Crohn's

    Hi just to second everything MLP says, know how your feeling my daughter now 13 was diagnosed just shy of her third birthday, so I know how you're feeling - finding this site for me was great. Hang on there
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    Thoughts on in person vs virtual learning for kids with IBD

    All explained and also felt best defence against COVID is age, glad your boy got third dose not sure when this will happen here and it wasn’t part of the roll out here that families of immunosuppressed children were part of the prioritised groups which I feel was unfair, we also have two...
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    Thoughts on in person vs virtual learning for kids with IBD

    Lucy turned 13 so has been vaccinated so it’s not a worry for her this year. We also live in a rural area with low COVID and I have 3 other kids in school so even last year I wasn’t too concerned about school. (If I lived in an urban area with lots of COVID not sure I would have been so...
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    Stelara reducing in efficacy or just flare?

    So sorry J is not great. Hopefully the new med will work. Personally I have great faith in the team in Crumlin and my experience is they will leave no stone unturned. Also really glad we live in Ireland and there is generally no issue with the expensive meds. Hopefully j will turn the corner...
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    Covid vaccination for teen kid

    In Ireland 12-15 year olds can have vaccine from this week, so Lucy will be getting hers.
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    Stelara for nine-year old

    Hi cre Your ds sounds very like my daughter Lucy, (12) diagnosed at two failed remicade, successful humira And methotrexate for 5 years. Lucy had very Severe peri anal disease at diagnosis. 2 years ago she started to have symptoms in other areas...... long story short, after trying een...
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    Back to school today

    My kids went back to school today. So far so good and I’m happy that the school has enough in place to keep them safe ...............anybody else?
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    🤦‍♀️ Calling all moms with daughters. 🙄It's finally happened.

    Hi Farmwife it's been a while no advice but Lucy is 12 next week so I am watching this one with interest. Hope all else is well with you and yours.
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    School or college reopening Fall 2020 immunosupressed

    Schools are hopefully back here beginning of september. There have been a number of clusters recently so we are still in phase 3 here. We live in a very rural areas less than 100 kids in Lucy's school and the wider locality has remained a Covid free zone so I'm not concerned about school...
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    Heard from Doc today

    Good news that she'll do the ng tube, een might but her a bit of time to make surgery decision. Love and hugs to you both
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    Parent of newly diagnosed kid

    Hi so sorry to hear that Jude has been through the mill, hoping the inflicting continue to work
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    Perspective - Covid-19 and our ibd kids

    Waiting Harvard also as to what the plan is. Schools definitely open in September but anymore than that I don't know. I really hope she can go back safely, she needs to interact with her pals. Hopefully the virus will be contained by then and we won't have to worry
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    Methotrexate timing/side effects

    Lucy was on methotrexate for about 5 years, after about the 6/7 weeks she tolerated it fine. They took her off it at one stage but had to reintroduce and same story settled and tolerated well after few weeks. Always took on Friday night to allow side effects to pass in time for school on...
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    Heard from Doc today

    Hugs , she is a great girl. Agree think anti tnf is not helping psoriasis. Stelera seems to have great success with psoriasis