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    What's yours called ?.

    I know this is old but what the heck. Was going to call mine Waylon so I would have Waylon and Willie ( I'm a guy and like some country music). Wilber came out of my mouth once and it stuck. He can be ornery as he looks for something to spurt at when you take his outfit off. It's kind of like...
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    Fistula caused by ?

    Not much activity on this forum but I’ll go ahead and post a question and hope for a reply. I have been diagnosed with Indeterminate Colitis for years now and no treatment but steroids has given me much if any remission. I need to get off the steroid because I have been on it to long. So I'm...
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    What is inside the fecal stream that is driving inflammation.

    Question about the bacteria and fungal theory: Long story short. I am diagnosed with indeterminate colitis, My colon was disconnected at the ileum 1 1/2 years ago and I am still inflamed. Would the bacteria and fungus still cause inflammation in the large intestine? If fecal matter is a theory...