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  1. Rebecca85

    MMS guy jailed

    Just saw this in the news and had to come and share. I don't know how many here will remember the discussions about MMS (miracle mineral solution). But someone has just been convicted for selling the stuff as a miracle cure...
  2. Rebecca85

    Well, I'm not depressed!

    Some of you may remember me, I was very active during 2010-2012 until I had my daughter. Then a combination of less free time and PND, I just didn't have the energy to help others so stopped coming here so often. I was officially diagnosed with depression and started on antidepressants in Jan...
  3. Rebecca85

    Does this sound like a fistula? TMI!

    Long time no see (if anyone remembers me?) It's been a fairly quiet time IBD wise, but since around the beginning of the year, I've had some symptoms creeping back in (previously in complete remission during pregnancy and first year after my daughter was born). Some urgency, mucous, unformed...
  4. Rebecca85

    Gastroparesis and acid reflux

    Feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight. I was woken up about half past 12 by a horrible reflux episode. My own fault- I had a super hot curry as I am trying all the old wives' tales about getting baby moving out now she is full term, and before the hospital induce me for gestational diabetes...
  5. Rebecca85

    Please don't let me flare!

    So throughout my pregnancy I have been absolutely 100% in remission. Well, 3 weeks ago I was told I have gestational diabetes. So have had to change my diet pretty dramatically. All the soft fruit I normally eat (eg bananas) has had to be replaced by crunchier, higher fibre fruit to avoid my...
  6. Rebecca85

    Diarrhoea and back pain

    Last night I was awoken by a sharp pain in my lower back. I thought I was going to mess the bed because a sudden urge to go to the toilet hit. But when I got there I didn't need to go so went back to bed. A short while later it happened again. This time I sat on the toilet with a book and sure...
  7. Rebecca85

    Long day- Trip to hospital

    Well what a day! Had an appointment this afternoon, but not in gastro or neuro. No, today's appointment was in... antenatal! Yup, I'm pregnant! 12 weeks tomorrow. Had my ultrasound today- baby is thriving, saw the heartbeat and it was boinging around like crazy. Provisional due date is 27th...
  8. Rebecca85

    NOD2 gene implicated in MS as well as IBD

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21625457 It's a bit sciencey but I think the gist is that one of the variations on the NOD2 gene can lead to T-helper cells responding differently to myelin (myelin 'insulates' the brain cells and it is loss of myelin that causes symptoms of MS).
  9. Rebecca85

    Hospital appointments!

    And I thought the wait in neurology was bad! (Was referred 6th January, appointment is next week). Just had a letter through asking me to make an appointment with my GI, so I phoned and was told he can't see me till July! :( and I do want to see him before then because I have some stuff to...
  10. Rebecca85

    Pain when lying on right side

    I can't sleep tonight because whenever I roll on to my right side, I get a horrible stabby pain just under my ribs on my left. If I roll back on to my left it quickly disappears again. Any ideas?
  11. Rebecca85

    Bad day

    Think I overdid it running round after my toddler neice this afternoon. Hands tingly, dizzy feeling, legs wobbly, eyes sore. Fell asleep after dinner but still feel like poo. Actually felt dizzy this morning too at work but put it down to end of termitis (work in a school and we broke up today)...
  12. Rebecca85

    Medical ID / ICE card

    This website allows you to enter medical info, it then produces a filled in card for you to print, cut out, and laminate. Entirely free, so you can replace it every time your meds change :)
  13. Rebecca85

    A cautionary tale

    http://www.ibstales.com/blog/digestrol-fraudsters-thrown-in-jail/ Just remember, be careful with what treatments you decide to use. Question how safe and effective it is. Some people put profit before actually helping people.
  14. Rebecca85

    Wedding insurance

    Slightly Ot, but I want to take out insurance for our wedding next year. However, most companies won't cover pre existing health conditions, does any one have any idea where I could get cover??
  15. Rebecca85

    Brain turning to mush!

    Seriously, I literally have a one track mind right now. If I'm doing something and something else comes up, the first thing goes out my mind never to be seen again. I was asked to photocopy a planning sheet at work, I forgot and now it's lost and my poor teacher has to do it again (like she...