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  1. Rhonda

    Elephant Butts drive me Nuts!

    Sooo... this is just in... or out! I've just learned about Elephant Ears! Oh yeah, imagine my joy when someone linked infomation about the butt flaps I've had forever. Of course, it just gets better! The information says, "don't treat them like Hemmies!" I'll betcha that doesn't mean have...
  2. Rhonda

    Help me settle a bet!

    So here's the thing. While Keith was in the hospital his GI had a Prometheus test done to measure his infliximab antibodies. I'd already told him prior to this that there was no way I was putting Keith back on Remicade. Hubby says that Humira and Remicade are so close to the same thing the...
  3. Rhonda

    Awesome SCD Recipe

    I know some of us eat SCD, but this is absolutely mouthwatering even for those who don't. I bought some cubed butternut squash from Costco. As I flipped the lid I noticed a recipe under the label. I thought... maybe we can adjust it, let's see what it is! Imagine my shock at a total SCD...
  4. Rhonda

    LDN and Specific Carbohydrate Diet Working Well

    Yesterday Keith and I went to his check up with the colon-rectal surgeon from the hospital. He'd done the surgery opening up the abscess further and placing the tube from the original fistula gland so that all that puss and goo and stuff could get out! Well... he was totally shocked at how...
  5. Rhonda

    Off to see the Vampires again today

    I had a great appointment with a new doctor Wednesday. She and her group are integrative specialists and I'm hoping we can figure out some things. I left her office with a stool test, (YAY, we love those... not), an at home urine and saliva test, and a lab sheet that looks like it should have...
  6. Rhonda

    I have UC, my son has Crohn's

    It all started for us when my son Keith was 12. He had a per-rectal abscess that was drained in the hospital and just would not heal. He was dropping 2 - 5 pounds each week and I was panicking . I took him to several different doctors a week trying to find out what was going on. The main...