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    Please tell me about your success closing an enterocutaneous fistula with Remicade

    That’s great news. It will gradually drain less and less-then bye bye fistula forever(I would guess). We will hope for no new surgeries and thus, no more fistula! I worked for years with the active fistula on my abdomen. Was wearing towels underneath my shirt/pants. Ridiculous, I should’ve...
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    Please tell me about your success closing an enterocutaneous fistula with Remicade

    Remicade is exactly what closed my two fistulas located on my abdominal scar. Closed within a few months. Sooner if I remember right. This was waaaaay back in late 90’s.
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    I've just been prescribed 10mg of Elavil daily and I also have been using MMJ for a year now(I waited until 50 to give it a try haha). I'm wondering if anyone else happens to be using both these meds simultaneously?
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    Blood following stricture dilation

    How much blood is normal to see in your ostomy following a dilation of (in my case) four strictures?
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    Hello and my history

    Hi all. I'm Rob and I'm 51 and was diagnosed waaaaaaay back in 1980. Since that time I've had 6 abdominal surgeries that consisted of: Resection Resection Total colectomy/partial ileostomy Revision of the stoma Another revision with adhesion complications that resulted in external fistula on my...