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  1. Rockdawg

    Vedolizumab Approval?

    I saw back in June that Takeda submitted paperwork to the FDA to get their latest drug, Vedolizumab, approved. Does anyone know any updates past this? My Gastro and I are really hoping it is approved soon so I can get off of this Tysabri.
  2. Rockdawg

    Remicade may have Cuased Multiple Sclerosis - Changing Treatment

    Hey all...just wanted to see if anyone else is in my situation. I have battled Crohn's for over 20 years now...after I became steroid dependent, I started on Remicade. After 5 years on it, I developed Optic Neuritis, which is often a precursor to MS. 2 MRI's later, I was officially diagnosed...
  3. Rockdawg

    Fevers and Crohn's

    Question for everyone, as I sometimes feel alone with the way my Crohn's presents itself. I get all the classic symptoms that everyone else gets, pain, the big D, fistula, tiredeness, etc. BUT, the main symptom that keeps me out of work and if by far the worst for me is FEVER! Ever since I...
  4. Rockdawg

    Does it take us longer to get over a virus?

    This may seem obvious, but does it take people with Crohn's longer to get over a regular virus? A week ago, my wife caught a cold. She ran a fever for 24 hours, then was congested for a couple more days. Her fever never got higher than 100 degrees. I caught the cold on Tuesday night, same...