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  1. Rose09

    First Humira doses today!

    The injections are going ok. The last one was the best so far in that i had minimal local reaction. I think the trick is to count to 15 rather than just 10...that seems to cause less inflammation and reaction for me. I am due tomorrow so i will try that again and see how it goes. I have some...
  2. Rose09

    First Humira doses today!

    I'm waiting for the Humira Nurse Ambassador to arrive. My bowel is working overtime with anxiety....ugh. Just want this day over with. Wish me luck!
  3. Rose09

    Vaccinations before starting Humira

    I had the Pnuemovax last week and am trying to get the Shingrix this week before starting Humira . I have to check with my insurance because it is a pricey one...also there is a shortage so I have to look around. Did anyone here have to get the Shingrix vaccine ? it is not the live one and is...
  4. Rose09

    Timing of my 1st Humira loading dose...

    Hello everyone, newbie to the forum ! I have finally agreed to Humira for Crohn's Colitis....currently on Lialda. This is my first biologic. What would your advice be re: the days following the first few shots ? Days off work if i can ? (I am a nurse in urgent care so lots of infection...