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    Thank you all

    I have developed severe heart and lung problems....Pulmonary Hypertension, results via a heart cath revealed numbers higher than the specialist has ever seen in his career, and Tricuspid Regrugitation and right heart failure as a result of my heart working overtime to get oxygenated blood to my...
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    Decision Made

    I've debated posting this for a while now because I don't want anyone, especially newbies, to think this is in their future. It certainly is not. Please don't compare yourselves to what's happening to me. This is NOT the norm. I'm posting this for support only. I've been sick with CD...
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    Someone Sing Soft Kitty to Me, Please :(

    Along with everything else going on with me, I tore all of the ligaments and tendons in my left ankle Friday evening. I have a three story house and no bathroom on the main level. :yfaint: In your best Penny voice, please sing Soft Kitty to me. :cry: Love, Sheldonette
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    New Member

    Diagnosed with CD 36 years ago. I have exhausted all medications known to man for my CD, and have been sent to Palliative Care. Currently only on pain meds and muscle relaxers. -Severe fistualizing Crohn's Disease...recently diagnosed as "End Stage Crohn's Disease". -Ileostomy -MS-like...