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    Insurance with Remicade vs Humira

    Does anyone have HealthNet Silver/Gold/Platinum (I have Platinum HMO) and how does it treat Remicade vs Humira? I've heard that if you get infusions for Remicade in a facility it's treated as a outpatient or Dr. service vs a prescription service. I have healthnet in CA under ObamaCare. Was...
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    6MP blood level

    I want to know what is the WBC and other important blood cell counts to be considered optimal for 6mp immunosuppression? I forgot where I have read them before and want to double check after my super busy Dr. Who has been monitoring my tests.
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    Doc says 6MP no better than placebo.

    :sign0085: I have been switched to a new gastro Dr. who is the partner of my previous Dr. who was going to put me on 6MP to try it out before we do biologics. The new Dr. who is much younger and looks like much more active in newer information is basically saying that long term maintenance...
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    Chills No Fever. Prednisone Withdrawal??

    I am currently on prednisone 5 mg after about 3-4 months of tapering from 40mg for Crohn's. I had a sore throat that I took antibiotics for along with a cold about three weeks ago. The cold and sore throat went away. Now I have had another cold that has mostly subsided with no major symptoms...
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    Narrowing of colon. Does it stay or go.

    I have been recently diagnosed for Crohn's and am new to Crohn'sForum. When I did my first CT Scan it said severe narrowing of the colon. I was having smaller stool more strips and smaller. After prednisone 40mg and Lialda I responded well and don't have any smaller stool. I did not really have...