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  1. sanni

    Social dilemma

    So I have a problem comming up. Well.. I gues its not really a problem.. I just make it to be one. (As I am sure we all do) I have a friends bachelorette party comming up. As part of it we will be going to a cabin/house place to spend a night where there will be a sauna and a hot tub. Now the...
  2. sanni

    Annoying relatives

    Back home from the countryside. I am so sad that a place I loved as a child has slowly turned into a place I dread to go to. :( This trip just totally confirmed it. Because of my short gut I use the toilet about 15+ times a day or so. At the farm they have a septic tank. Every time I go there...
  3. sanni

    Disability Denied- System driving me crazy

    The social system is taking the win on me and not only driving my crazy but taking all my energy and mental health. Not feeling good at all. Continuous battle to "prove" I am not healthy and am supposed to get the benefits I am supposed to get. Starting to feel sings of depression again. Its...
  4. sanni

    Cola a solution to gastric bezoars?

    This is interesting. Rather drink cola then have surgery. ;) http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/777371
  5. sanni

    How often you inject?

    So I am wondering how often you inject your humira. I know the normal dose is once every 2 weeks. Thats what I am on now. I also know some take a double dose of two pens avery 2 weeks. Any other type of dosages? I have been feeling really good. My crohns seems to be in controll (dare I say...
  6. sanni

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Just read this and I know Dusty has written this as a mom of children with crohns. I am sure my mom would agree with you 100%. But from the "We are there to clean up after you" comes to mind when I was a child and still at home and had pains and was sick with strictures. I would puke all night...
  7. sanni

    My dog may have IBD

    Ok.. so i have had crohns for almost 20 years so I know a thing or two about intestinal track and intestinal pains and diarrheah. My dog just had a colonoscopy last friday. His symptoms have basically been that he has pain while pooping. At first we thought maybe a small cut near the anus and...
  8. sanni


    So I have short bowel syndrome and as one of my treatment I drink a salt-sugar-potassium drink. Electrolyte drink as i usually call it. I actually don't add sugar to it since I mix my salts and potassium in a juice so that allready has the sugar. My question is about the salts. I have two...
  9. sanni

    Crohn's and stoma... why?

    So basically that is my question. If you have crohns how did you end up with a stoma? Is it a temporary one or is it a permanent one? Why do you have it and how do you deal with having one? I have to say... about 6-7 years ago if someone would have asked me about a stoma my reply was that...
  10. sanni

    New to forum, not new to Crohn's

    So... where to start. I am Sanni and I have Crohn's. :rosette1: (and I love smileys... be warned). I live in Finland and a friend of mine directed me to this forum. What I am hoping from it is to find more support in issues I have since I have a long history with my illness and in a country of...