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    Awful smell around buttocks but no fistulas

    Hi. I can sympathise. I do not have that problem but I did use to get abscess around there. It helped to use an antibacterial soap every day. Try that and it could get rid of some bacteria that might cause smells maybe. best of luck.
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    Help me make an app for IBD

    Hi I am a Crohn's sufferer (diagnosed about 27 years ago). Lately I have gotten into app development and want to make an app. I have seen quite a few apps that cater for IBD in some form BUT they are all so hideously ugly. Why should being ill mean we have to use ugly apps. I want to make an app...
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    Dynamo on Parkinson interview

    Dynamo is a English magician and he was interviewed on the Parkinson masterclass program. He talks about his crohns and how he had it from when he was 15. I'm a real fan both cos of his skill and that he is a fellow crohns sufferer. http://www.sky.com/tv/show/parkinson/video/dynamo
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    Foods you cannot resist and loose control?

    I cannot stop myself eating pop crisps. They taste so good and are kinda low fat. They are like a drug. Anybody have anything they loose self control with?
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    Stool test?

    Been thinking about getting my stool tested for the bacterial flora analysis. Anyone done this in the uk and any advice on where to get it or if it's any use?
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    Blood on toilet paper.

    So I'm now on prednisone after months of very bad watery bm. My BM is now very good and solid. However with the sudden hardening of the BM I had some discomfort when going to the bathroom. Now I noticed some blood on the toilet paper. There is a very tiny little red fresh blood in the bowl...
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    Advice - Abdominal Soreness and BMs

    Hi, I am on Humira (for about 2 years) and Creon (for my pancreatis) and have had a great 6 months of feeling the best I have for years. I gained weight and also was able to eat so much more than I had done for years. About 3 weeks ago I started to get a few bad BM then I have had some soreness...
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    Looking for white bread without emulsifiers

    I am looking for a white bread without emulsifier. I see that pittas do not have it and I am buying that but want a bread that doesnt have it. I guess artisan bread doesnt have it but even then I dont know if supermarket breads would be ok even.
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    Blood type diet

    Does this have any use for Crohn's? Not so much for loosing weight but really for eating foods that are more in tune with your chemical makeup? HD
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    How important is sleep?

    Just want to know how important is it to get adequate sleep or even more than adequate? HD
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    Pancreatic atrophy advice please.

    I saw my doctor who gave me the results of my ct scan. He said my pancreas has decreased in size and will never recover. I have to have creon (enzyme) tablets with every meal. I can't find any good info regarding this condition long term or really any advise. Please can anyone help. This is...
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    Anyone else get really, really hungry?

    I dont know anyone else that seems to get as hungry as I do between meals. I probably eat more than anyone else I know. Anybody the same?
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    Do you get numb to the big D?

    After such a long time (years and years) of tummy problems and the big d to varying degrees most the time. Do you get numb to it so having a solid tummy movement is a novelty? I think that my thought on what constitutes a bad tummy is probably very different to a non Crohn's person. Is that...
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    How long after eating are you effected?

    I have really lost any track on how long after a meal it effects me. Certain foods seem to be almost instant effect (before finishing plate). Other foods are next day and some are later BUT recently I had some food that effected me and I had evidence that I had eaten that meal 4 days before. I...
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    Change of diet with new enzyme tablets help needed

    I have had to have a low fat diet for more than 20 years. I also cannot eat many different ingredients. Just now they found out that I have had a under active pancreas and have been given creon enzyme tablets to take with every meal. Anyone also take this? Also I dont know how this will increase...