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    Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia and Crohn's

    So I had been doing well and noticed less and less pain since I was no longer in a depressive state. I guess this meant that I was in a manic state. I met a woman who I began to obsess over (not weird though) and had a psychotic break where I was believing in god (although I'm an atheist)...
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    Could there be a connection between bipolar disorder and Crohn's

    I believe so. Because when I'm in my most stressed out state and have a lot of anxiety (college related) my QOL dwindles to the point where I need to be hospitalized during finals. This I believe was caused by the severe depression I was experiencing. Several months after I became manic then...
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    IT FREAKING WORKS! It got rid of my addictive mentality that Religion gives you and replaced it with Euphoria. I was so happy that I met the woman of my dreams, tapered down for several days, and now I'm more mature intellectually than she is. (Ying/Yang) She's bipolar by the way. I'm...
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    Only for the logical minded

    Don't get mad. Remember that science knows a lot more than philosophy does. The reason why they put so many different reasons why you got sick out there is to boost everyone's self esteem, not just yours. But really all these reasons were a factor. You were raised in a multi-culture country, a...
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    Humira is AWESOME!

    So, I've been on Humira for over two months now and I feel freakin' awesome. All week I've been jogging to school (even though I just bought a car) and started doing normal exercises in my room. I feel so awesome since I haven't needed any (pill form) pain medication since I started it. Why the...
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    Need help dealing with Texas Social Security

    As you guys know in the state of Texas SSD does not cover dental for adults. The prednisone I've been taking has caused my teeth to rot away to such an extent that I surmise that the bacteria I constantly swallow every second of every day may be causing some of, if not most of my flare ups...
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    The chicks in South Texas don't understand

    So, I had barely started talking to this girl and I thought we were hitting it off. Then what shows up; two fever blisters on my upper-lip. I tried to explain but then the next day I show up to the college and hear that she's been talking crap saying that I'm a whore, have herpes, and that I'm...
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    For those of you on SSI

    How long did it take you to get your second backpay check after the lawyer was paid?
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    Hospitalization Update

    Gastritis was positive with an Upper GI Endoscopy. Inflammation to colon was positive with CT scan and no obstruction or ulcers as of Friday. Though the mucus discharge has worsened even with intravenous medication. Been on Soft Food diet since Friday and before that they had me on a liquid...
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    Great news!

    I got my SSD and SSI. See people, all it takes is patience. I'm so glad I did it. Now I can take it easy... Oh yea, I also got prescribed marinol from my doctor. Going to fill the prescription tonight.
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    Splanchnic Block

    So, after seeing a pain specialist he recommended that I have a "Splanchnic Block" done on Tuesday for my adhesion pain and to see a rheumatologist for my arthritis pain. He also wants to do MRI's of my knees as well. He said that the "Splanchnic Block" may work anywhere from several months to...
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    Can adhesions grow from crohn's healing

    Can adhesions form because of crohn's healing So, like I said before I've been having adhesion pains. But it's not just in the spot where I had my resection. It's also in the Upper Right Quadrant and near my terminal ileum. I asked my GI about it and he said that he's not sure about it. And...
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    Time to go to the hearing level of SSD approval

    I got another denial letter stating that I can still work as a security guard. But as a security guard you can't leave for post for hours at a time, there's no breaks, and there's no breaks for lunch. How the hell am I suppose to guard an area when I'm running back and forth to the bathroom...
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    Hospitalized because of Thyroglossal duct cyst

    So, I've been hospitalized because of a Thyroglossal duct cyst on the base of my neck that's become the size of a billiard ball. They said it will take surgery to get rid of it. Has anyone here had this happen to them? Could there be a link between Crohn's and this abnormality?
  15. scifi-enthusiast

    The SSD waiting game

    For those of you on social security and got it for crohn's along with depression, how long did it take you to get a letter after your psych evaluation? I'm at my wits end with this waiting bullsh**.