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    “Silent” Crohns and treatment

    The biggest threat to the health of Crohn's patients is not the side effects of Crohn's drugs. By far the biggest threat is the damage caused by uncontrolled or poorly-controlled Crohn's disease. The serious side effects of the drugs are real but rare. The cumulative serious damage from...
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    What does your Crohn’s pain feel like?

    My pain occurs in the lower right abdomen, and it feels like a persistent dull ache that drags on for weeks. It kind of feels like I pulled an abdominal muscle, but the pain actually comes from under the muscle. Prior to my diagnosis I thought it was a pulled abdominal muscle. I thought I had...
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    Sibling Possibly Diagnosed

    Correct. By definition IBS is non-inflammatory. And my ileal Crohn's was finally diagnosed via capsule camera endoscopy when scopes and lab tests for inflammation were all normal.
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    Entocort Losing Effectiveness

    I don't know whether bowel sounds mean anything. In my case bowel sounds do not seem to be connected with a flare. For me they just happen at random. But of course your mileage may vary.
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    New vaccine possibility (not MAP)

    That's a good question, and perhaps and even harder question is why is there a second spike in the incidence of new Crohn's cases that appears in ages 50s - 60s? One can speculate that there needs to be a second trigger, such as a thinning of the protective mucin coating of the gut over time or...
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    Can’t believe I’m not getting any help!!

    I'd get a second opinon. I'm not a physician, but these don't look to me like the nice, pink healthy-looking tissue of a normal bowel.
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    The duration of allergic response

    Neither one. The cause of Crohn's is not entirely clear and there may be more than one cause. It primarily appears to be an inappropriate immune response or an over-response to bacteria or other microorganisms in the gut, resulting in chronic inflammation and damage to the gut that accumulates...
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    Entocort Losing Effectiveness

    In my opinon, yes. For battling a Crohn's flare I believe the more information you have the better.
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    CVS Caremark cooler

    If the ice packs still had some iciness and the Stelara package itself was still refrigerator-cold to the touch then it should be okay.
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    Colleges and Gi location

    College selection and admissions is another specialty of mine ever since my daughters went off to college 5 - 10 years ago. The college admissions process, especially for high-end schools, is much more complex and time intensive these days than it was back in my day. Getting into the desired...
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    Anastomosis stricture

    The narrowing at the anastomosis is very likely scarring that is caused by recurrence of the Crohn's inflammation. Recurrences at the anastomosis is very common after Crohn's surgery, and without inflammation there is probably no real good reason for a lot of scarring or other narrowing to form...
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    Skyrizi (Risankizumab)

    Risankizumab is not approved for IBD, so any use of it for Crohn's will definitely be off-label. It is specific for IL-23 which puts it in the same target class as Stelara. Thus its action may also be similar to that of Stelara.
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    Thoughts? Experiences?

    Try the acupuncture or other uncoenventional treatments and see if they help, but just be sure you use them in addtion to your Humira or other drugs prescribed by your GI and not in place of those medications.
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    Crohn's Flare with Normal Inflammatory Markers?

    If the inflammation is farther south in the gut your doc should consider trying Uceris. It's a formulation of budnesonide (same drug as Entocort) but designed to be released farther down well into the colon instead of the ileum.
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    New vaccine possibility (not MAP)

    Nestle did a follow-on trial to see if the amino acid formulation could help boost the effect of anti-TNFs https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02793778?term=Nestle+crown&draw=2&rank=1 It failed there too.