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    Feeling rundown

    I'm on a 90mg every 8 week schedule with Stelara, and I don't feel particularly rundown ay any point, but I do frequently have increasing symptoms (mild lower right quadrant abdominal pain) starting at about the 6 week mark. It goes away after I get the new dose. As for antibodies, Stelara...
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    Can anyone make sense of these test results for me?

    In that case you should keep doing whatever was done to bring the CRP down by that much.
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    Can anyone make sense of these test results for me?

    If these were my numbers the only one I would be concerned about is the CRP of 9.9. That is on the high side, suggesting that there is some low or moderate level of inflammation going on somewhere in your body (may or may not be due to Crohn's). 9.9 is not super high but high enough to keep an...
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    I have Crohn's and I am also on a blood thinner (Eliquis) due to bouts of atrial fibrilation. Currently, both diseases are in remission thanks to medication - Stelara in the case of the Crohn's. I too worry about suffering a GI bleed due to Crohn's made much worse by the blood thinner. But so...
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    Can anyone describe a flare?

    A flare isn't really any special thing apart from Crohn's disease in general. A flare ususally just refers to a worsening of Crohn's symptoms, especially if it occurs after a period of remission or reduced symptoms. Untreated Crohn's often waxes and wanes on it's own to some degree, and a...
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    Steroids but not Anti-TNF Biologics Associated with More Severe COVID-19 in IBD Patients

    Link to article about the study: https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/86548
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    newly? diagnosed crohns, bleeding

    Hi Jeremy, First, by no means are what you are going through rare or hopeless. Almost all of us have have also had to deal with the same. or similar issues as you. It's no fun at all, and Crohn's has no cure, but there is very likely a combination of therapies, diet, and healthy living that...
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    Covid-19 and immunosuppressant medications

    That's been my experience with Stelara. I catch the same one or two colds per year on Stelara that I caught before, but they last 1.5 - 2 weeks instead of the previous 5-7 days.
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    Constipation & Crohn's Disease

    Where in your gut is Crohn's located? As a general trend (there are always exceptions to everything), Crohn's with lesions located in the large bowel will produce diarrhea, but Crohn's confined to the small bowel often produces constipation. It certainly does for me, and I have ileal...
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    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    No family history that I know of.
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    Covid-19 & the 3 'risk groups'

    Yes, plus pharma companies are restricted by law from saying much of anything to the public about their drugs other than what is in the product labeling and package brochures. Besides, I don't think they can say precisely how immune-suppressed any given individual is because they don't know...
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    How do you deal with Fatigue?

    My impression is that this forum is UK-based, but there a lot of us yanks here too. Some Canadians and Aussies also. Anyone who can write in English is welcome no matter where they live.
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    High Humira levels but flaring

    Well, the diarrhea could be due to something other than your UC, which is why your doc is testing for infection with C. diff., parasites, etc. Assuming those are not the cause and the real cause is a worsening of your UC, then it could be either one of the two things: 1. Primary nonreponse -...
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    Two dead and four hospitalized after fecal transplants from OpenBiome: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/patient-safety-outcomes/2-patients-died-from-openbiome-fecal-transplants-fda-says.html
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    COVID 19

    As I posted on another thread: There is a possible silver lining on COVID19 cloud for Crohn's patients on immunosuppressive therapy. Namely, the immunosuppressive therapy might serve to dampen the runaway immune response that occurs in the worst COVID19 cases. Most people have a mild...