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    Very Depressed-Does this never end.

    Hi , everyone i am not new to the forum but , been in remission for 23 wonderful years. and now it raises it's ugly head again. I am in a bad flare , now lasting for four months. Taking my meds and i am on preds too and they don't seem to be working. i was suppose to go on a camping trip with my...
  2. scottmyster

    Update - in remission again

    I had my blood work done and a colonoscopy done this week and everthing came back normal. So, i did it 15 years without medication through diet and exercise and i am going to do it again. According to my GI specialist my bowel was prestige no inflammation and no narrowing and very well. so i...
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    Crohn's is still sticking around

    crohn's is still sticking around Hi there, i hate to be a whiner but it's been three weeks still on preds 40mg and tapering off after 40mg to less each week .my right side is still flared up. i only can drink and eat liquids. when will the pain stop the only time i am not in pain is when i am...
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    Hi lost my brother 15 years ago due to a fire at his house i like to take this time in remembering his memory i miss him very much he was a inspiration to my life and i miss him very much. best wish to all.
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    New member

    new member i am scott james i've crohn's for about 21 years now. i was in remission but, it comes and goes now. i am taking asacol and dicetel. but, now it's back again and i been miserable for two weeks. i am on predisone now and gravol for my nausea. i've had a pain in my right side and it...