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    Kidney stones, high calcium, and uric acid

    Surprised you don't have a response to this yet. Have you had bowel surgeries at all? Do you know what type of stones you form? There are 3 basic types, oxalate stones are the most common. I am unfortunately acutely aware of your situation. Crohn's can for some reason cause your body to absorb...
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    Why Don't GI Doctors Take The Role Of Diet Seriously?

    https://www.webmd.com/kidney-stones/kidney-stones-food-causes#1 - listed as high risk https://www.upmc.com/-/media/upmc/patients-visitors/education/unique-pdfs/low-oxalate-diet.pdf listed as medium risk http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=george&dbid=48 - Interesting article as it...
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    Why Don't GI Doctors Take The Role Of Diet Seriously?

    Snitzer - you may need to have a look at your carnivore diet somewhat. Speaking as a fellow carnivore, those oxalates that you mention are pretty prominent in meat protein. They can contribute (and in my case have definitely done so) to kidney stone formation. Us crohnies absorb oxalate at a...
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    Gross question...

    Not sure I could ask anyone outside this forum, it relates to bowel movements. I am currently on tetracycline for bacterial overgrowth. Most of my movements are on the loose side. I have seen some clumps pass that look sort of cloudy with small stick-like projections. I did take some pictures...
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    Does anyone have difficulties with pork, but not beef?

    Good morning all! Lately it seems that pork in particular is giving me some grief. Too bad, I love it, but it doesn't seem to love me anymore. Currently cooking up a little bacon and really, REALLY hoping that it will prove OK to eat.
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    Remicade losing effectiveness

    Well, coming to the realization that my ride with remicade is likely coming to an end unfortunately. Getting an uncomfortable full feeling and have been having a lot of throat irritation issues. Checked a couple possibilities with my regular doc, but it is looking more and more like I probably...
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    Alternatives to Aza?

    Hey all! Just had a chunk of my back skin removed due to basal cell carcinoma (a fairly benign skin cancer if caught early) and am wondering: what can they replace aza with as I apparently am now not a very good candidate for this med? It actually did a fair bit of good for my crohn's, but...
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    Anyone else getting pop ups from an online doctor?

    Supposedly from a Dr. Amir, Internal Medicine and an assistant named Pearl Wilson?
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    Remicade and colds/flu

    Did a quick search and didn't find answers, so here goes... Three infusions ago my does was put from 700 to 800 mg. Wasn't given the reason why (by all accounts my crohn's seemed to be in good shape and I certainly had not asked for an increase - did far more cycling than I ever have this...
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    My first "Strange Poop" question

    OK, here goes... It actually looked sort of like a cast was done of my small bowel - very "grooved" longitudinally and small diameter. No bleeding, no visible mucous. Just what looked like a really wrinkly pepperette. Apologies to anyone who may enjoy them! I do already have a known stricture...
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    Gas / Vitamin D?

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has noticed that oral vitamin D tablets cause gas for them? I have noticed a correlation recently and don't want to give up low levels of vit D supplements during the Canadian winter. If you have, have you found an alternative that doesn't cause as many issues...
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    M&M Charity BBQ gone?

    This goes out to our Canadian members. Does anyone know if this event has been discontinued? I searched online to get ready to volunteer and haven't seen any mention of the 2015 version. I almost consider this one a duty, so I must admit to a little concern that this activity is possibly no...
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    Kidney Stones

    Well, I am getting all too familiar with this wonderful complication of crohn's. Has anyone else here had a whole lot of experience with them? What do you do to slow down development of them? I can't say that I particularly enjoy the hospital visits (two in the last 8 months now), and I would...
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    Remicade failing?

    Hey all, For those who have been on it a while, I need to pick your brains a little. I am getting some discomfort in an area where I had problems before. Have you experienced this and when your remicade infusion is done, it clears up? Or, is this a bit of wishful thinking on my part and it's...
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    Pet allergies and crohn's?

    Hey all, trying to pick the minds out there. Does anyone know if mild sensitivities to pets aggravate crohn's? We recently got a guinea pig for my daughter, and I believe I am starting to show mild reactions to either the pet or the hay used to feed her. I don't want to get rid of the pet if I...