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  1. ShankUVeryMuch

    18 month check-up today

    So I saw a new ostomy nurse today at my surgeon's office. First time in a just over a year that I've been there. I really only went for a consult because I've had a bit of weight loss and things aren't fitting the same. Turns out I've been doing a LOT of things wrong!! Well, it was right for...
  2. ShankUVeryMuch

    Hernia Question

    So, for the last week or so, I've had some odd sensations with my stoma that I can't quite put my finger on, but is occasionally quite uncomfortable. One small area of the stoma seems to be standing taller than usual. I did also go to a concert last week; outside; in the sun; all day; 4 rows...
  3. ShankUVeryMuch

    Yucky Question: Splashback?

    So, how do you empty your pouch? I'm still apparently quite clumsy at it as I'm getting far too much splashback...and it grosses me out. I've tried sitting ... and manage to drip onto my clothes either on the way up or down. Tried standing, with and without tissue to aim for...splat. Working...
  4. ShankUVeryMuch

    Ileostomy and Sleep

    Surgery was April 1 and I'm feeling pretty amazing. There are a few minor issues left, but compared to how I felt prior to April it's a small price to pay! My stoma was placed on the exact spot where I used to sleep, so I'm having trouble finding a comfortable position. I know I'll adjust to...
  5. ShankUVeryMuch

    Concave Stoma Help

    Hi All, My stoma is new, surgery was April 1. I know that things will continue to change in the coming weeks, but I'm having a problem that I wondered if anyone has any suggestions to help with. The stoma is concave and I'm using a Coloplast bag with convexity, so that's helping it to pop out...
  6. ShankUVeryMuch

    Joining the club soon, I think

    I just wanted to thank you all. For allowing visitors to browse the forums without joining and for all of the helpful users who share their insight and experiences so generously. I was diagnosed with Crohn's 20 years ago and have tried almost all of the medicine's with no luck. I was...