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    Vedolizumab, was switched last week to new part of trial : (

    As week 10 arrived of my PhaseIII trial, they switched things up. I either got the drug I was on, different strength of the drug or a placebo. Day 11 now and I know it was switched. Cramping and pain are back and I am having more BM's. So they lowered the strength or the placebo is in place. I...
  2. shmooda

    On Vedolizumab, Pain again!

    I am going on week 6 and have felt the best in 40 years. Last night I had pain for about 1 hour. Today I have had pain on and off. I am so depressed right now. Have had no pain for 5 weeks and now I do! I was so sure this was my miracle drug. Too optimistic I guess. Hopefully this is just a...
  3. shmooda

    On Clinical Study MLN0002 and Nauseated

    I have been on this clinical study for almost 2 weeks and had mild nausea a few days ago but today was hell. Been very sick to my stomach all day! Even took anti nausea meds with no relief. I don't know if I have a stomach bug or bad reaction. Last infusion was 12 days ago. I have my second...
  4. shmooda

    Vedolizumab AKA MLN002

    I'm tired of sitting back and watching the world go by with no hope for a cure for Crohn's Disease. I have had the disease for 41 years and no meds have worked for me. Today was my first infusion with MLN0002. I am actually quite excited by this, although I must admit I was scared to death last...