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    "Quantified self" activity trackers (& fatigue?) -- your experiences?

    I'm thinking of trying out an activity tracker that logs how many steps I take per day, how long I sleep, etc. It's as much to monitor my Crohn's-related fatigue as to encourage me to exercise more when I can. I tried tracking my napping patterns for 6.5 months manually and the results suggest...
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    Things to do when having steroid withdrawal/extreme fatigue

    When I'm having steroid withdrawal or a major fatigue day, I usually don't have the attention span to read or to watch even the dumbest movie. But I recently found out that I can knit! (At least, I can knit simple things. . .) What works for you?
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    Percentage of gay men in the USA

    This NY Times article is pretty interesting: a statistical look at how many out and closeted gay guys there are in each state in the USA. It's likely that the % of the population that is gay is the same in other countries, though the % closeted is probably different.
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    Workplace accommodation FTW

    More than 3 months to get back to me about my accommodation request. Classic. :eek2::rof: (Luckily for me, my supervisor is fantastic about accommodating me. But if he weren't. . . ) -------------- On 2013-11-25, at 4:31 PM, [workplace accommodation liaison (WAL for short)] wrote: Hi...
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    "Flushable" wipes clog sewer systems!

    In the USA and Canada, "flushable" wipes don't need to be tested for biodegradability. Large numbers of them are clogging sewer systems and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars...
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    Remicade old-timers (>5 years on it) and FATIGUE

    Just curious to see how many other people here have been on Remicade for a long time. I've been on it almost 10 years -- since early 2004. In the last few years, I've developed significant fatigue. My GI doesn't know if it's the Crohn's reasserting itself or a side effect of being on Remicade...
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    Partners: caregivers or lovers or both?

    Just wondering how many others out there have had problems with relationships because of being in a caregiver role or privileging the caregiver role over other aspects of the relationship. For instance, have you ever felt that you have to stick with a partner who is supportive when it comes to...
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    Immune suppression sucks: week 4 of bronchitis

    Just an "aaargh!" -- after my last dose of Remicade & Solucortef, I had barely recovered from the steroid withdrawal when I caught this stupid virus. I am frustrated! I want to work but I'm too tired, waking up coughing, sinus problems, etc. It is taking a lot of willpower not to swear here...
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    !!! Canadian government panel on Labour Market Opportunities for People w/Disability

    Finally, the Canadian government is attempting to learn more about how businesses can better meet the needs of people with disabilities in the workforce or attempting to enter the workforce. If you are Canadian, PLEASE fill in the survey and let the panel know about your experiences and what...
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    European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations

    EFCCA is the main European association devoted to Crohn's & colitis. The Federation publishes on current Crohn's research and stats and information about living in Europe with Crohn's or colitis. Their magazine is free and useful. The IMPACT survey, done in 2010-2011 with almost 5,000...
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    Ontario stuff: Trillium Drug Program, Exceptional Access Program

    [This post is about health policy research, not disease/drug research. It affects people in Ontario on Remicade or Humira]. Hi everybody, Shout out to everybody in Canada, especially in Ontario! I have been wondering how many of you have also had problems getting reimbursement for Remicade...