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    A good sleep for a better life ! Personal experiment

    HI friends, Hope you all are doing fine. Its been long since I was here. By God's grace I am still doing great without much problem. Just want to share a little experiment that did. While I have been fine most of the time in recent years. Lately did experienced a lot of acidity and that...
  2. sid

    Yogurt made from probiotic capsules ??

    Hi friends, I have been wondering if it is safe to consume yogurt made from a probiotic capsule. Last night I used a single VSL#3 capsule and a little more than half a cup milk to make some yogurt... I was not sure if it would work but it did and I have infront of me nice, firm yogurt and it...
  3. sid

    Tattoo in crohns ??

    I have been thinking for quite some time to get inked but am not sure what extra precautions should I take or should I simply give up the idea of a tattoo. I dont have any skin problems due to Crohn's. I would appreciate any member with a tattoo or any knowledge about it to give any word of...
  4. sid

    Kefir ?? does it work ??

    I have been reading a lot into probiotics but havent started it yet. recently saw this thread by david where people gave their opinions about probiotics. I searched the web and came to know about kefir. In my part of world it is not really known..but what I can understand from my research it is...
  5. sid

    Natural Anti inflammatory foods ??

    This is my fourth year running with this lovely disease and I have not had any kind of flare or any surgery. Overall I am living my life pretty normal like any other guy in my college and and am very active and and into a lot of exercise , yoga and sports. So far i have been able to maintain...
  6. sid

    Genes associated with Crohn's desease identified

    Sorry if this has been posted before....but just saw this on Facebook and seemed very exciting... http://www.ccfa.org/research/current-research-studies/ibd-genetics-video.html youtube video
  7. sid

    Protein supplement brand suggestion

    Hi friends, I have been on whey protein islotae for almost 5 months now and it seemed to work fine, but for last 2 weeks I have had bloated and upset stomach after taking it. So I want to switch it to something else like egg protein or rice protein supplement. anyone who has tried protein...
  8. sid

    Glutamine or creatine for body building for crohn's patients?

    I dont know if this has been discussed earlier,but I wanted to know if Glutamine or creatine can have good and same effect on a crohn's patient's body as on normal person and if there is any side effect involved. I was searching for glutamine supplement as its been quite some time that I have...
  9. sid

    Numbness in tongue

    I dont know wether this has been discussed earlier or not. For quite some time I have been feeling a little numbness in my tongue along with headache and confusion. I know this can happen due to vit B12 deficiency but i know these are also sign of pernicious anemia. what are the chances of CD...
  10. sid

    Garlic for muscles ??

    Ok..any male members here who is into body building ?? if yes, have you tried eating garlic for increaing muscles...I was wondering if that upsets your stomach in crohns. I learned that regular use of garlic increases the testosterone levels drastically...so that means increased muscle mass.
  11. sid

    Vitamin B12 injections

    After reading thread on this forum, I was confirmed that my foot cramps were due to some vitamins deficiencies. after giving it a thought , I observed that I was really not getting enough B12. Since I am mainly a vegetarian, I had a lot of milk and dairy product earlier, thus my B12 intake was...
  12. sid

    Deep vein thrombosis prevention for crohns patients

    Hi, I know that corhn's sufferers are at higher risk of getting a DVT. I just wanted to know what risk category do we fall in and is it possible that you get it even when you are in remission ?? I do feel cramps in my legs every now and then which I guess is an effect of CD. Is it possible to...
  13. sid

    This works like magic

    Hi friends, I want to share food item that works like magic for crohns and UC sufferes. I am talking about bottle gourd. As I said earlier, I am seeing this ayurvedic doctor and I am currently following the diet prescribed by him. So far by god's grace there hasnt been any problem. The one...
  14. sid

    Diagnosed with crohn's last week

    Hi friends, I dont know how to start. I never heard of this disease before. never knew something like this existed before. I am 23 years old energetic guy living in kolkata, India. Life was so cool until last yuear when I started having a lot of gas in my stomach,heartburn and breathing...