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    End of my remission...maybe ?

    So I must first say sorry for not writing for a while. Everything has been pretty good for a couple o' years now after 35 crappy ones. Humira & azathioprine doing its thing. Couple of weeks ago I shifted how I was sitting and felt a shrp pain lower right abdomen. I pressed on it and the pain...
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    Lonely and venting !!

    lonely and venting !! Hi everyone, havent been on for a while. Been a bit depressed, which is odd since im in remission for the first time in 30 yrs. Working out lots , feeling pretty good. The thing is i just turned 48 and havent dated in 12 yrs. Now i feel well enough to, but feel ripped off...
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    Amazing significant others

    Just thought i'd give my hugs out to all those husbands, wives , boyfriends, girlfriends, life partners, have i left anyone out? My heart is lifted when i read the stories about how supportive you all are in the face of this nasty disease. Yes we get grumpy, yes sometimes we have to run out of...
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    New drug for me !

    dental issues have any of you had any dental problems associated with your Crohn's ? I have some issues ...receeding gums ,sesitivity , etc. my mum is 76 and has agreat smile with all her own teeth ! just wondered if nutritional deficiency over the years could do this? cheers ps this thread...
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    My med history

    my med history thought i would just jot down my woes and meds. right hemicolectomy Nov 09-60cm, skip lesions, perforation with sack of infection size of hotdog bun on illeum, two fistulas, apendectomy(why not ..it was there!) apendix was 9inches long(creepy).two strictures with 1cm openings...
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    When in doubt ,check it out !!

    when in doubt ,check it out !! I think to start this entry, i would like to say that all you guys and galls on this site seem to be waaaay stronger than you think you are. mentally, if not(unfortunately ) physically. Crohn's is still for the most part a much misunderstood disease. So all of us...
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    First surgeries

    first surgeries i've noticed a few members have upcoming operations, and are understandably nervous. I had my resection nov 09 after decades of discomfort, and i gotta say i was looking forward to a reprieve from the pain! after the operation (had an epidural) no pain for the week in...
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    New 2 the forum not new 2 crohn's

    new 2 the forum not new 2 crohn's Just saying hi to all my fellow crohnies! diagnosed Aug 09, but have have all symptoms since early 80s. resection-60cm , skip lesions , tear, two strictures, and a sack of nasty the size of a hot dog bun. lost 50lbs leading up to diagnosis. various drugs...