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    High Bilirubin - is it normal for Remicade?

    Hi Greg's bilirubin was 27 yesterday which is a little high. Is this to be expected with Remicade infusions? Not sure whether it's worth mentioning to the nurse. Thanks
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    Cleaning up after C Diff!

    Hi All, Greg has refractory C Diff and is on his second course of Vancomyacin at a double dose. This is Greg's second C Diff infection I feel really paranoid about cleaning and trying to get rid of any spores that might be lingering in our home. Has anyone else thought about this? As he...
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    Help! anyone with knowledge of C Diff

    Hi Greg's been steroid dependent for 2 years. Dr tried to ween him off the pred and he has flared big time. Dr was fantastic and organised to start urgent remicade. Any way I suggested he have a stool test just in case he has an infection as he is so sick. He started remicade on Wednesday...
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    My GP thinks my son has Crohns :(

    Hi All, I'm not really sure what to say to the GI when we see her next month. And I was hoping for some advice from some other parents. Our GP thinks that my son Elliot 12yo needs a colonoscopy My husband became seriously ill last year and was diagnosed with Crohns in January. I have...
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    A diagnosis....

    Hi All, My husband Greg has just recieved a formal diagnosis via a letter saying that he has Crohn's. He has scarring throughout the large bowel from his pancolitis last year. He is going to start taking Azathioprine but the Dr says he will need a little education beforehand. Anyway, they...
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    Oh No! another downward spiral :(

    I came home from running youth group tonight to find Greg pale and lying down on the bed looking sick! He has just halved his pred to 12.5mg per day... Feeling sooo defeated right now :(
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    Is Differentiating between CD and UC necessary?

    Hi All, I have a bit of an issue here.... My husband is new to IBD, but I've suspected it for lets say..... 14 years! Greg's Gi is not being forthcoming with the pathology results from his colonoscopy. He was hospitalised with Pancolitis on the 1st December 12 with 20+BM's a day, mostly...
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    Heamaglobin 83 blood transfusion yesterday

    Hi All! When given a blood transfusion for Hb 83 the Er Doctor gave 2 pints of blood in emergency then sent my husband home! He said that it probably wasn't necessary just a precaution! What are other's experience? at what levels have others had a transfusion?
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    Advice! After blood transfusion

    Hi all, This is my first post. My Husband had pancolitis in November and is on Prednisone and sulfasalazine, yesterday he had a blood transfusion. But he doesn't look well today. It is 9.30am in Australia, he is very lethargic etc What are signs of an adverse reaction to a transfusion! I'm...