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    Bathroom Card

    I would like to do a poll but not sure how. So: In another post (nogutsnoglory – Moderator) said: “There are card print outs you can have for IBD and other conditions if you ever need "proof". Type in ccfa bathroom card in Google images to print one out”. My question is: Do these actually...
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    Minimize the Effects of UC!

    Found this link today: https://www.facebook.com/notes/dr-lisa-christiansen/things-to-minimize-and-reverse-the-effects-ulcerative-colitis/342002016749 May be some useful info in there for you!!
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    Blue-Green Algaes

    Blue-Green Algaes It is fairly well-known that Green Juices (particularly from dark leafy greens) are excellent for C & UC. Things like: broccoli, kale, spinach, cucumber, wheat grass, barely grass, celery and parsley. And chlorophyll supplements are an excellent addition to the juices...
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    Bone Broth Recipe

    Hey I know there are loads of recipes around. But I have been experimenting, and this recipe is the best I have found so far: Chicken Broth Ingredients: A selection of raw chicken meat containing the bones OR just raw bones if you can source them. Make sure you get bones fit for human...
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    Emergency Kit

    Hello Does anyone else here carry an “emergency” kit with them? I take one everywhere – and I mean everywhere. I don’t need it very often; especially since my UC has improved. But it has become almost like a security blanket safely net to me and I feel anxious if I accidentally leave it...