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    Humira side effects on the mind

    B12 deficiency can also cause those symptoms in some people. Sublingual (under the tongue) B12 or B complex supplements can be found at local drug stores and work well (fast).
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    My Story - hoping for some advice

    Have you had your ANA checked? Autoimmune connective tissue diseases can look like IBD (lupus, MCTD, etc). Raynaud’s and dry eyes, dry mouth go along with some of those diseases. There’s often significant joint pain, esp in the hands.
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    Looking for direction - just got blood results

    You should ask you Dr about Behcet's disease (it's rare, but mouth sores are a major symptom). Have you been tested for Celiac? Even if that's negative, you could have a gluten issue. I think low neutrophils can be caused by that (also caused by other autoimmune conditions). Check out the...
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    Undiagnosed Club Support Group

    ASCA IgG is also positive in IBS sometimes (and in some autoimmune conditions, I think). 50 is not too high. I would be careful trying to interpret that too much.