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  1. StaceyQ

    Advice please/HELP

    I was recently taken off aza which was replaced with nothing at the end of Jan. Since then I have been experiencing pain, dirreohae. Since beginning of March I have been in agony, dirreaohae which Is bright green, I have not eaten a thing. I went to A&E on 8th March and they gave me...
  2. StaceyQ

    Hey - Doctor considering taking me off all medication

    Hey i have not been on here for a while. I am a bit concerned (sunds silly) but i have been doing really well for past 9 months or so and my consultant is on about if i am still web in Feb 2014 taking me of all medication. This is great but scares the hell out of me. What happens if i get a...
  3. StaceyQ

    Pain gets worse with stress

    I have recently split up (a month) with my bf of 7 years and we have two kids together. I have been on strong pain medication for a while now, but since i have split up with him i have found that the pain has eased alot and not requring such strong medication but i find that whne he phones me...
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    Hey Guys Just thought id let you all know i completed the skydive and raised £500 for crohns and colitis, goes towards some research etc x Ive booked again to go in april so raise some more money then x
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    My consultant has given my laprozole to take, does anyone know what it is for?
  6. StaceyQ

    Fed Up

    Generally fed up with life I am being forced to cut down my hours at work due to how tired i get, Having an arguement with my girls nursery so viewing a new one tomorrow. My GI is on my case about how i react to test, i dont like them and cant handle them emotically so stop putting me thru...
  7. StaceyQ

    CT Scan

    Saw My GI on Tuesday and they want to do a CT scan. Never had ones of these before. Can people please tell me what it is like etc xx
  8. StaceyQ

    Three year old

    Hey My three year old the other day was having a conversation with her key person at nursery about how sick i get and how she just wants me to be healthy. I felt so bad as dont want her to worry about me. I try and hide it as mcuh as i can but somedays i just cant, constantly being sick and...
  9. StaceyQ


    Hi everyone aitn been on here that much recently as feeling really poorly and have not been at work. I have a colonoscopy in Nov which they had to stop as it hurt so much. they did manage to take a bisoposy but nonone has told me the results. They cant tell me why it hurt they just said they...
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    Hey everyone thinking of doing a skydive for crohns and colitis UK in new year, anyone done one before?
  11. StaceyQ

    Fed Up today

    feeling very fed up today for some reason. Feel like going home and snuggling on the sofa and doing nothing. fed up of feeling il and that everyone gettin gat me, Just want them all to leave me alone x :frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown:
  12. StaceyQ

    Has anyone?

    Has anyone had problems with their job and crohns. My boss spoke to me yesterday and i keep forgetting things etc, i think its the tablets but has anyone else had this? i love my job but i have a feeling i am going to have to leave and do something that is not so stressful and important.
  13. StaceyQ


    hey everyone i had a colonoscopy last week and they has to stop due to the severe pain i was in when they pressed the air in. They said it could be something to do with the flexibility and laxitivity of my bowel, has anyone ever had this? they think this is what is cuasing all my pain not...
  14. StaceyQ

    How do you get him to understand

    Hey everyone i have crohns since 2009. My bf is not supportive at all, he always says oh your ill again etc. It really gets me down. If i am having a bad day and just wanna to sit there he calls me lazy. I have two kids which i do everything for, they are 3 and 1. far from lazy runnign...
  15. StaceyQ

    Crohns and IBS

    I have crohns and i have just been told that my first child has IBS. Has this come from me? I have asked my condultant who couldnt really give em a striaght answer. :(:(:(:(