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  1. starla

    Finally Diagnosed

    hi i joined the forum last year..its taken a year for the hospital to diagnose me with crohns in the small bowel..the colonoscopy in june 2010 showed erythematous inflamed mucousa in terminal ileum,biopsies were inconclusive...then shortly after that i had an endoscopy which showed the same in...
  2. starla

    Still not sure

    still not sure hi,i have written previously on her,but havent for a while..its been 9 months of this mystery illness now..i still have pain,diarhea(some blood),~night sweats,gurgle noises, and for 4 months ive had 3 cyst's in my mouth.. after,colonoscopy,in which they found chronic...
  3. starla

    Big white ulcers on my throat and mouth

    well,i went to the GI yesterday and because my ct scan and barium were ok he said he is now testing mt for lymphoma and another rare disease ..a tumour by the appendix???.... my colnoscopy said red inflamed mucousa in ti and my endoscopy said the same in the duedeum?? im so frightened...i have a...
  4. starla

    Erythematous inflammed mucosa in terminal ileum

    :ybatty: ive had a colonoscopy which found eythematous inflammed mucousa in Ti,but biopsy resuts were normal, then a barium follow through,which was normal, then an endoscopy which found patchy erythema and oedema duodenal bulb,but biopsys came back normal, i was rushed to ER as i collapsed in...
  5. starla

    What did your crohns look like??

    what did your crohns look like?? hi im just wondering if anyone saw their colonoscopy/endoscopy screen. im still undiagnosed,waiting for biopsy results from endoscopy and ct scan..at my colonoscopy they showed me the screen and the pics of what they found in my terminal ileum..it was like red...
  6. starla

    Still not sure?

    still not sure? hello, i had an endoscopy last week,and the report says..patchy erythema and oedema in duedeum bulb.. my colonoscopy previous to this they found erythematous and inflamed mucousa?? the biopsy's from the colonoscopy were normal??..and im waiting for the biopsy result from the...
  7. starla

    Pain :-(

    pain :-( well,what a week it has been....on tuesday i experienced the most awful pain in the right side of my abdomen..it felt like i was having labour pains(although im not pregnant) and the pain was so bad i collapsed...ended up in A&E...was put on a morphine iv..they did x rays and said they...
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    Hello im new

    hello im new hi i am new to this site,so here goes.... since march this year ive had gripping pain in my tummy,diarhea,really weird LOUD growling noises in my tummy,night and day sweats.. ive had a colonoscopy,in which they saw red inflamed mucosa in my terminal ileum..it looked weird..like...