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  1. Starnett

    Seton has come out

    Hi everyone, Sorry I know I’m posting a lot and asking for more support than I’m giving. Feeling a bit worried now as my seton has come out this evening during a visit to the toilet. Only 8 days after my surgery. I was told by my CRS that it could come out on its own before my post op...
  2. Starnett

    5 days post surgery...feeling low.

    Hi all, I had surgery on my fistula on Tuesday afternoon. The surgeon was optimistic about laying the whole thing open but during the procedure he had to do a partial lay open and put in a seton. He did warn me that it was a slight possibility but I was obviously still disappointed. I have to...
  3. Starnett

    What now after clear test results?

    Hi all, I'm feeling pretty rubbish at the moment. I'm really pleased to report that my colonoscopy and barium follow through both came back clear with no signs of IBD. However, I'm still struggling with daily symptoms which are affecting my life and getting me down. I am trying to get on with...
  4. Starnett

    Best treatment centre UK (Northwest)

    Hi everyone I have mentioned in another forum that I am asking my GP for a referral tomorrow to investigate long term pain and stomach problems I've had for the last 17 years. I was very unhappy with the last referral I had as the consultant was very dismissive and didn't even order any tests...
  5. Starnett

    Advice appreciated before docs appointment

    Hi everyone! My name is Andy and I'm a teaching assistant who works with children with Special Educational Needs. I've joined the forum to get some advice really. I've been having issues with my digestive system since I was 18 (I'm now 35). I'm now at my wits end with it all and could use some...