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    Blockage or gas??

    My abdomen hurts, but it's relieved as soon as I drain the bag or move. It really only hurts badly when I'm lying down. I was worried about having a blockage but my ostomy is doing what it normally does and it does fill the bag. It's not fully liquid like a blockage (I get thick output at night...
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    I'm getting surgery on Match 6th, removing 80 percent of my colon at first. (Three stage surgery) I've been prescribed Flagyl and Pred. I was wondering if it was a good idea to take probiotics while taking flagyl? What kinds should I take?
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    What is the surgery like?

    I'm more than terrified about getting surgery. Basically, my Ulcerative Colitis never took to medication beyond prednisone. My colon isn't healing from this latest medication. I was put on Entyvio in November of 2016, but after 3 doses, it never got better. It got worse because they were trying...
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    What would happen if you become allergic to entyvio?

    I'm getting placed on entyvio because I'm allergic to all the other biologics. In fact, I just recently learned I have Remicade antibodies. Since I heard that Entyvio is the drug they use if your unable with the others, what'll happen if it doesn't work? Would they tell you surgery is the last...
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    Remicade and walking?

    Tomorrow I have to talk to my doctor for protocol purposes (every infusion is that way, here at least) and I was wondering if this is something that's NORMAL for Remicade, the first time or not? I had my infusion and it ended at 11. At 3, my legs felt really weird. I can't describe it other...
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    How long until Humira reactions stop?

    I'm goinstopped me Remicade because I became allergic to Humira. I got rashes and the like. But I stopped Humira in the middle of February and while most of the problems seemed to fade, now I have bumps on only one leg, the one I used to inject humira in. They aren't hives and they don't...
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    How to explain?

    While I KNOW the differences between IBS and IBD, I wanted to do so in a Compare and Contrast essay for college. I just can't come up with another point. Topic One: Type of disease (Syndrome vs Autoimmune, visible damage* vs non-visible, etc.) Topic Two: Treatments (Medications vs medications...
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    Nursing and IBD

    I'm feeling AMAZING, better than before I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, mainly because I've always been at one end of the spectrum or the other. Anyway, I was getting worried despite this for a number of reasons. I'm in college for Nursing because I love taking care of people and I...
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    Anyone ever have a pen misfire? I think my pen did. I waited and it turned yellow after a few seconds. I`m not positive all of it managed to get through ^^`
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    Getting annoyed with Nausea

    I`m getting so fed up with my disease that its become apparent. Now, I honestly put up with a lot. I didn't go to the graduation ceremony at my high school since they didn't accommodate well enough, I didn't mind then. I didn't mind being at a hospital for days. I can't stand the nausea. It...
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    Side effects present still after weeks off!

    Prednisone was tapered off weeks ago. I mean, I ended it in the middle of September but I still have the side effects. it should be gone-I figure. How long is it supposed to last?
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    Severe Muscle Locking?

    I'm sort of afraid to move my limbs or anything much. Just moments ago, I stretched only a little of my leg and it started pulsating severely-like it was locked or something. I couldn't move my whole leg. I tried rubbing it, but moving my body worsened it. I tried waiting for it to pass, but it...
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    Recently diagnosed

    Hi, I'm Nina and I'm 17. This is my story. In June, I was prepping for finals but I couldn't concentrate. My stomach started bothering me and I ended up having diarrhea. At first, it started out with symptoms like the stomach flu, but it got worse. I was supposed to take the SATs, but I...
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    Going to High school with UC flaring?

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm not a parent-I'm a teenager that was newly diagnosed in July, but I might have actually had it since middle school. (My period triggers my symptoms. My period is horrendous, like- I prefer my UC pain over my cramps, even when it felt like knives were cut into me and I...