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    New Australian-only survey launched to understand the psychological & social elements of IBD

    For the first time, Australia’s IBD community will lead a survey collecting insights on the emotional and mental health impacts of IBD in Australia. The survey created with the input of advocacy groups, patients and healthcare professionals is live and can be accessed by visiting...
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    Methotrexate self-injection protocols for pre-filled syringe/pen

    Hi all, In the past I've been seeing my GP weekly to have my methotrexate injections due to a few factors, however I am now moving to self-injection, and when comparing notes with a few friends, discovered some interesting inconsistencies with what the hospitals are directing patients to do...
  3. stefan

    Aussies on Humira - number of repeats reduced?

    For the Aussies here, I just discovered that the authority script I handed in for my Humira only had 3 repeats (ie 8 fortnightly doses) instead of the 5 repeats (12 fortnightly doses) that had been issued until now. Has anyone else noticed this? Unfortunately I was only made aware when I called...
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    Drug induced remission for a year or two

    I've not posted much here, mostly because I haven't had a need to recently :) In short: Me: a 25 year old male in Adelaide, South Australia with an interest in all things related to electronics, telecommunications and music, and more recently, funnily enough, medicine Illness: CD diagnosed...
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    Alcohol and methotrexate

    Hi all, I'm just wondering what people have experienced and been told by their doctors about methotrexate (mtx) and alcohol. I'm currently on 20mg mtx subcutaneously/week, and have only recently been able to get my social life back on track, the question is how much alcohol should we be able...
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    A new Aussie member with a long complicated story

    Hi all, I haven't been around here much, having checked this out a few times over the years, and only registered yesterday. Now I'm theoretically in remission I probably won't be around much anyway due to other commitments, but here's my story all the same. There's a lot here that is probably...