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    The guy I love and his battle with homosexuality and his religion

    In July, after earning my Masters degree and settling back at home with family, i ventured onto Tinder (the iPhone dating app), and met a great guy. We live two hours apart. Visited, talked and laughed for hours, continued this "i like you, i don't like you like that, i can't because long...
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    Anal sex & crohns

    I'd really to hear some other opinions on this subject. I've been avoiding asking it for a few years and haven't found a place to really ask it. I feel like i'm doing everything I can to maintain remission, besides the lower part of me sometimes needing extra attention. I'm gay, and i enjoy...
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    Skipping days in a month to keep immune system on toes

    My online friend whom suggested LDN a while back has told me that to keep her immune system up on its toes, she will alternate using LDN one night, and not the next for a few days each month. I asked my doctor about this and he said that because its such a small amount prescribed, it really...
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    My struggle being gay with crohn's

    Hi everyone, My name is Tommy. I'm 24 and live in the Northeast US with crohns disease. I was diagnosed at 21 years old and it has been the most difficult challenge for me to face in my life. Growing up wasn't easy for me. I loved playing with girl stuff, and being around girls. I made friends...