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    Endoscopy couldn't go into stomach, too narrow.

    I had an upper endoscopy done yesterday cos I have been having problems swallowing, where pills, water, food sometimes get 'stuck' at bottom of my throat and It takes awhile for me to even get a sip of water pass it. When my Dr. did the scope...He only got to the end of my esphoghas and...
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    Left Humira pen on table for 6 hrs.

    Hey everyone. I took out my Humira pen from refrig and let it get a lil more room temp like alwyas for about 30 mins....well I forgot about it. 6 hours later I saw it on the kitchen counter. My ques is the room has central air. so the temp was cool not hot. not in the sum or anything. and...
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    Antibiotics with humira?

    antibiotics with humira? does anyone take any antibiotics while they are on Humira? I have multi fistula's and DR. has me on cipro and flagyl, as well as now doing weekly humira shots. Is anyone else taking antibiotics while on Humira? My question and concern is, will taking the antibiotics...
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    Got approval for weekly Humira shots.

    Saw my Dr. today and finally we have decided to up the humira to weekly shots. I know this will help alot. I always seem to feel better in the beginning of the humira shot week, near the end not so good. once a week might be the thing I need to get rid of these fistula's. For anyone who...
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    On Humira for 3 months ,so far..need help

    Hey everyone..I've been reading lots of Humira posts etc. Here is my story...wanted to know how others responded to Humira and how long it took them, if it all to feel better etc. I have now been taking Humira for 3 months... On the every other week injection now. When I started 3 months ago...