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    right ostomy bag help

    You need to keep trying until you find a bag that suits you. All the companies are happy to send you samples. And remember that, over time, the shape of the stoma can change and you might need to make adjustments as to the size of the opening. Do you have a local ostomy nurse? If so, she (or he)...
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    Does diet really help?

    When I was flaring badly and eating basically all white foods, my older sister also said: "I'd rather die than have to eat a plate of food that looked like that!" Well, I'm alive and leading an active life - travelling, gardening, enjoying my dog - and she died last year from the results of...
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    Does diet really help?

    This is very interesting. I have had Crohn's from late teens (am now 76) and, after many difficult years and numerous operations, had part of my small intestine, my large intestine, rectum and anus removed - a total proctocolectomy plus - some 20 years ago. I have not taken any medication for my...
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    The Vicissitudes of Crohn’s illustration

    The Vicissitudes of Crohn’s illustration A digital illustration portraying a personal experience of Crohn’s disease is the overall winner of the Wellcome Image Awards 2017. ‘Stickman – The Vicissitudes of Crohn’s (Resolution)’ is a striking computer-generated image which conveys the physical...
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    Sticky Questions for your Surgeon

    I have a full length sheepskin (really two sheepskins sewn together) that I take if I anticipate being in hospital for a while. It makes life so much more comfortable.
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    How do you see yourself after an ostomy?

    Australian Radio National (ABC RN 621) Sunday 28 July 2013 5:05PM How do radical changes to the body through illness, injury and surgery affect how you see yourself—and change your direction in life? You’ll meet a nurse who has an ileostomy bag as a result of Crohn’s disease as a teenager…...
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    A word of warning...

    ...for those using the hairdryer method. I had my mind on other things this morning while changing my bag (aside: I am so glad that no-one on here seems to call it an "appliance". When my stoma nurse was talking about it before my op., I kept having visions of an item of white goods stuck to...
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    Singing stoma

    My stoma has taken to singing this morning - sounds as though it's practising scales in the high soprano range!:eek2:
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    Sticky Questions for your Surgeon

    (This comment doesn't really fit into this thread but I don't know where else to put it.) If at all possible, take someone else, whom you trust, with you to listen to the answers from your surgeon and even take notes. It is really easy for the patient not to hear clearly or to misunderstand...
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    Stoma covers and clothing for ostomates

    I thought that a thread for this would be useful because we often get people asking for suggestions but then the information gets lost in the general threads. I was trawling the web and came across this site that has some interesting ideas and even instructions on how to make your own stoma...
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    Admiration society for POKWI

    I don't post on here because I have no experience in the area of kids with IBD, but I read most of your threads, many of which move me to tears. I just want to say that I have enormous admiration for all of you individually and for you all as a group. The support and encouragement that you...
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    Sit, Stand or Kneel?

    This is a question that could only be asked on this Forum but that has intrigued me since I joined. I have had an ileostomy since 2000 and have my bum sewn up, so my situation will be different from that of some of you. From the beginning, on the advice of my stoma nurse, I have emptied my bag...
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    Vit D, allergies, eczema & asthma

    The was a very interesting talk on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Radio National this morning discussing a study involving 7,600 children from throughout Australia. The study aimed to find why the incidence of allergies & eczema has skyrocketed in First World countries over the past...
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    I'm sure that this will have been asked before, but I searched and can't find the answer. :redface: What is the maximum size allowed for an avatar?
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    I have just discovered this forum and joined this morning. You will understand that, considering the time of year and that it is only 4 days to Christmas, I don't have time to write My Story at the moment. :rolleyes: So, I'm just saying "Hi" :bigwave: and will BBL. Oh, and I've called myself...