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    I had my fistulotomy and have a question re: care

    And my surgeon said it didn't enter the muscle, so she cut open the tract (it's a perianal fistula) and put in some dissolvable stitches. She didn't give me any information, really, on how to care for the wound. It's hard to keep it clean and that worries me because she didn't put me on...
  2. Sybil Vane

    Guess I'm joining the fistula club

    Just saw the surgeon and my abscess is actually a fistula and I have to have a seton placed. Is this an out-patient procedure? I forgot to ask her and just assumed that it was. Also, can you develop a fistula if you're in remission or is it a sign your Crohn's is active?
  3. Sybil Vane

    Hiatal hernias and heart palpitations

    Has anyone with a hiatal hernia experienced heart palpitations? I ask because I've recently had a problem with heart palpitations and it started after an awful night where I was up with severe acid reflux. the palpitations also increase when I move a certain way. I thought it was related to all...
  4. Sybil Vane

    I'm really nervous and angry

    I started developing persistent heart palpitations and went to see my GP last week. She ordered an echocardiogram after my EKG was abnormal. Her new assistant still hasn't scheduled it. It's been over a week of feeling this way and wondering if I would have to go to the ER. I have extremely high...
  5. Sybil Vane

    TUMS and Crohn's

    I take Prevacid every day for acid and usually use Maalox for bad cases of sudden heartburn. I woke up with my esophagus on fire and only had TUMS and I have been up for a few hours dealing with nausea. Does anyone else use TUMS and have they found they make you nauseous? I remember that this...
  6. Sybil Vane

    Question re: Abscess antibiotics

    Has anyone had a perianal abscess that has not healed on Flagyl and Cipro? I'm on day 3 and it's still pretty infected. She prescribed 10 days of Cipro and 21 days of Flagyl.
  7. Sybil Vane

    Need help

    I have a delicate question. I've had a fissure for a long time, now, and it bleeds and hurts and I can deal with it. Right where that is, a hard lump developed and I began having some pus and blood mixed together. It hurt constantly until it started discharging and now it feels better and the...
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    Haven't been on for awhile due to depression

    After my third surgery last year at UNC, I've had a hard time rebounding. My body is completely different and it's hard to leave the house without worrying about the moment I'm going to need the bathroom. Someone suggested I create a blog and I am trying to turn my negative "this is never going...
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    Scalp rash

    I think Humira has given me scalp psoriasis or a scalp rash. I've had a few weird things happen to my skin since I've been on Humira, but now I'm worried this stuff won't go away. My scalp feels like it's on fire and I have patches that are raw. Anyone have this problem? There's no point in...
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    Can't leave the house or exercise

    Before my third surgery, when they removed 2 feet of small bowel and a foot of colon, I never had a problem with urgency. Now, if I'm flaring just a tiny bit, I can't leave the house at all. I can't take my kids to a park or meet a friend for dinner. I tried to go out last night and it was a...
  11. Sybil Vane

    To work or not to work

    Hi Guys, I've read some threads on Crohnies who have had to leave work. I was on LTD after my last surgery in May 2011 because I was in the hospital for 2 months dealing with complications and I was in a really bad place. I decided to go back to work in December because I was feeling better...
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    I wanted to post to ask folks if they have problems setting boundaries with their family. My older sister gets so offended and angry when I tell her that I'm not feeling well and that I'm not up to hosting a visit from her and her family. I love my sister, my BIL, and my three nieces, but it's...
  13. Sybil Vane

    Muscle and bone pain

    I feel like one big "owie". My hands and arms hurt and it seems odd that after injecting four shots in my two thighs, my left arm is killing me. I hope this is just because the loading dose is so high and that it won't happen all of the time. I feel like someone punched me in the arm. :( Anyone...
  14. Sybil Vane

    Abdominal pain and Humira

    Hi All! I've had four Humira shots in the past two days and I've had very sharp stomach pain. I don't know if this is due to Humira or adhesions from my past 3 surgeries, but they are keeping me up at night and are just killing me. I did a thread search, but didn't find anything that linked...
  15. Sybil Vane

    Warming up the pen

    Hi Guys! I am starting Humira this week (I will get the package tomorrow) and I asked the Humira rep about letting it warm up to room temperature and they said this wasn't advised because it would affect the stability of the drug. Has anyone else heard that? I know a lot of folks let it reach...