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    t-bone replied to the thread Wife of newly diagnosed husband..
    Wow! Sorry to hear of your husbands many challenges. He's very blessed to have you on his team at home It is very overwhelming at...
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    t-bone replied to the thread CT and MRI Scans for Crohn's.
    Excellent information! The contrast agents mentioned above should be discussed to your satisfaction pre -procedure Diabetes or...
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    Contrast allergy refers to the gadolinium, or similar, drug injected to allow the intestines to be visualised via MRI. It's not...
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    I’ve not posted in so long as I had a wonderful, long remission period. So much so that we decided to try for a baby & my little girl...
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    t-bone replied to the thread Humira to Stelara.
    Lynda, Your gi docs will help you manage the switchover. The front loading initial dose of stelera is done in clinic, and then you will...
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    K, Hope things are beginning to calm down for you. These are challenging times, and if that wasn't enough, making tough decisions /...