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    Any Success treating fistula with diet?

    Hi there, Has anyone had any success treating (not necessarily curing) fistulas with special diets? I am current reducing, nearly eliminating consumption of simple carbs like white bread, rice, and all things processed. Having some issues increasing fiber so I am thinking about juicing. My...
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    Fistula / abscess seton surgery

    Hi all, So my GI check out a tender patch near anus a few weeks ago and determined it was bad, so he sent me to have an MRI. After reviewing the results he referred me to a rectal surgeon who I just saw. He thinks I need a Fistulotomy to look around, drain the abscess, and, if he finds the...
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    MAP test

    Hi all, Does anyone have information where to go in US (preferably in the southwest) for the MAP test. I can find plenty of articles about the various tests out there, but not who to contact or where to go. My main GI seems to know nothing about MAP theory and the other doesn't think highly...
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    When to move on (from Cimzia)

    Hi all, I am trying to decide whether it is worth doubling my Cimzia dose or just calling it quits and pursuing another (non-surgical) option. Basically I have been flaring for just over a year now with most of the disease in my sigmoid colon and terminal ileum. My doctor put me prednisone...