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    Colonoscopy on Friday

    Hi All It's been a bit of a crazy journey since diagnosis in January 2016 that's for sure! I'm currently fairly stable on Humira 40mg per fortnight and have my first colonoscopy since November 2015 this Friday. Have been on low residue diet today and liquid tomorrow ahead of the procedure. I'm...
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    Pain/Sickness when Humira is due

    I'm still in the early days of Humira but the last two fortnightly injections I've really suffered with pain and nausea the day or two before the injection is due. Today was my injection day, I had it this morning and by lunch time I felt 100% better than before the injection. Has anyone else...
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    MRE Results

    Hi I have Crohns, there's no debating that, but I got a copy of my MRE results today and I'd love to 'put it out there' and see what you all take from them. The terminal ileum and ileocecal valve demonstrates thickening without submucosal oedema or contrast hyperenhancement in keeping with...
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    I have Crohns and my daughter has issues too

    I wasn't sure how to title this thread but I'm looking for some advice. I have CD as per my signature below. I was tested for Coeliac as part of the CD diagnosis but the blood test didn't indicate it. My 16 year old daughter hates bread, says it makes her feel sick and hasn't eaten it for 3-4...
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    Change to Australian Script cost -Humira

    This means when the nation’s most expensive drugs Humira, used for rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and skin problems and Herceptin, used for breast cancer come off patent next year their price will be automatically cut by 25 per cent. Humira is currently costing taxpayers more than $330...
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    I've been consulting with a traditional herbalist recently and intend to start taking her advice soon. Just in case it helps others, this is what she suggested to me (Crohns). Avoid stress. Drink 3L water per day and include half tsp of electrolytes to water. Eat soft food as much as possible...
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    Iron Infusion tomorrow

    I'm a bit over Crohns. I feel it dictates everything about my life at the moment. I feel fortunate that I'm still able to work full time in a fairly high pressure job but thank goodness I'm on annual leave at the moment because I'm so exhausted! I've just had my loading dose of Humira a week...
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    Had four infliximab and now this is a no go too

    So depressing. It works for my Crohns but it's causing me a rash ever since my fourth dose. Went for dose five on Monday and wasn't given it. Back on 40mg pred tapering dose with a view to humira starting. Have felt like my partial obstruction is back since Friday last week. Most sick/nausea...
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    Tight dry skin

    I've had four doses of remicade so far and over the last six weeks I've developed dry, flaky skin on my face. This improves with moisturiser for a short while but stings when applying it. I also have dry, sensitive skin on my neck, top of chest and top of back. I've had dry skin before but not...
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    Remicade with Methtrexate?

    I had my GI follow up today after loading doses and MRE on Monday. My symptoms have really improved but still have area of inflammation, he's suggesting methotrexate 10mg once a week but I'm really not keen. Not planning to have any more children but then would have to start using birth control...
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    So, tapering dose of pred and on infliximab, constipated over last few days, so frustrating. What do you all do when this happens? Also how long should I ss on low residue diet due to partial bowel obstruction?
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    Strictures... what's been your experience?

    I've just recently been in hospital with a couple of small bowel partial obstructions. Pain was my main symptom and my white cell count was elevated. Damn emergency doctor tried putting in my (first) NG tube and I just couldn't do it. My gag reflex is strong and I pulled it out twice oops...
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    Travel Insurance - Travel from Australia to USA

    Does anyone have any advice about which companies cover people with Crohns Disease? I was diagnosed in February this year and started on mesalazine 2g granules twice a day from then until a couple of weeks ago when I had a flare and had my first course of prednisolone (five days 50g). My...