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    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Thanks Dusty for your wonderful post it meant a lot and made me feel less of a burden on my hubby, family and friends. I had tears reading it as I have been struggling with similar thoughts and in one post you have made me feel so much better. My hubby is always telling me this but I still feel...
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    Mesalazine 5ASA

    Hi All, Well after having a few minor issues recently and a small flare I have been put back on the dreaded Pred!! So there goes the natural route right out the window :( My GI wants to try me on a mild maintenance med called Mesalazine 5ASA as I only have mild crohns so he is hoping that we...
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    Weight issues despite eating well

    Hi All, Sorry I haven't been around for a while and kinda feel bad popping in to ask advice when I haven't been there for others lately, so I hope you guys don't mind. Background info; Currently on no meds and doing the natural thing... last colonoscopy in April came back clear, have minor...
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    Is this what remission feels like?

    Well I just wanted to let everyone know my colonoscopy today went well and came back clear of any inflammation!! Woohoo :) Do I dare say the word 'REMISSION'?? I know most on here are doing it tough at the moment and I don't want to take away from your pain but I also wanted to give some good...
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    Colonoscopy tomorrow!!

    Hi all, Well go for another scope tomorrow morning. Just started the prep... YAH!! Not :) Wish me luck that all goes well not only with the scope but getting the prep down as well.. have struggle each time and end up only getting 1/3 of the required amount down! Also fingers cross the scope...
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    Pain while pooping

    pain while pooping Hi all, Well haven't been on much lately, have been healthy and busy!! Yah. Im just wondering if anyone else gets pain while pooping? I have been experiencing pain while trying to have a BM, which are normal at the moment, it doesn't feel internal but more near my exist...
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    Hi all, just thought would give a quick update after seeing my GI yesterday. Am going for another scope have organise it for the 12th April as I really couldn't be bothered getting on before easter plus he said there was no hurry just organise it within the next month. My GI wants to see how...
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    Feel like Im loosing my mind!

    Hi All, Well I have been going ok off all drugs 6 weeks now go back to the GI on Wed for a check up will see what happens then. I seem to have mini attackes every 2 - 3 weeks at the moment and thankfully they land on a weekend so I haven't had to miss any work. However since all this started...
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    Not sick again!!

    Hi all, Well as you know I have been taken off all crohns drugs trying to work out whether they were making me sick or I was having a flare, seeing as my inflammation markers don't work makes it hard to tell when Im flaring etc. Anyway had been doing really well the last 4 weeks but now this...
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    Nausea anyone?

    Hi all, Just seeing who else gets bad nausea from this disease? This is my main symptom and it gets so bad that I sometimes vomit from feeling so sick... not nice at all. I had it when I woke up yesterday morning and cont all day struggled to eat anything then went to sleep last night to only...
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    Does anyone have attacks after a late night?

    Does anyone else have little attacks the day after having a late night? I seem to have a late night (ie anything after midnight) and Im crap the next day.. generally wake up with nausea, vomiting, urgency to go to toilet and my body feel likes its been hit by a bus. Im assuming it cause Im run...
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    PB4 - I think alot of us are having similar issues

    PB4 - alot of us are having similar issues with not being able to read threads.. hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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    How do you find the strength to keep going?

    Im sitting here wondering where to start and as I do Im crying wondering why life had to be so cruel and how everyone else finds the strength to keep going with everyday life? Im just really over this disease and how it affects my life and how unpredictable it is. I have been having episodes...
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    6mp & flare questions

    Hi everyone... I realise there has already been a few threads lately on 6mp and side effects etc but I can't find anything that answers my individual questions so hence the new thread. Anyway here are my questions about 6mp (there are a few sorry) I have only been on it for 6 weeks; * When...
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    Feeling down

    Hi guys, Well Im really starting to get over being sick I have improved heaps on the Crohns front since my little flare over xmas/new year but have been really struggling with sinus since going on 6mp. My GI says he doesn't think it would be the 6mp causing my sinus issues as Im only 50mg at...