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Someone once asked how I hold my head high after all I've been through. I'm a survivor-not a victim.

I love being with friends & family,-beiing with my finace & doggie, Lucy (my angel)
June 20
Yonkers, NY


Ali :heart:

Crohn's Disease - Diagnosed 1/10

1st Resection-9/10
2nd Resection 1/13
Gallbladder 9/13

Currently: In severe back pain after gallbladder surgery with no answers.

Past Meds: Remicade, Azathioprine, Prednisone, Flagyl, Cipro, 6mp, Entocort, Pentasa, Celebrax, Humira bi-weekly, Ambien, Xanax

Current Meds:
Humira Weekly, Seroquel, Protonix, Klonopin, Lexapro, Iron Supplement, Zantac, Gas-X, Biotin, B12, Culturele, Zofran, Weekly Iron Infusions