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    What can I eat in crohn’s remission?

    My GI told me I could eat anything in remission, however keep in mind anything that irritates the digestive tract in general will be more irritating to mine. Of course a healthier diet is better for overall health...he said avoid spicy, greasy, and fried foods. He recommends fiber and probiotic...
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    If I'm not in a flare, will the colonoscopy show anything?

    I haven’t been in a flare in a long time and my last colonoscopy still showed all the scaring where the disease was previously. My GI said that he could see where and how severe the disease was (he was not the GI who did the initial colonoscopy when I was flaring).
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    Mesalamine~ New and something seems wrong

    I recommend a second opinion. My GI was not listening to me at first and I felt the meds were not working. I went to urgent care and saw an on call GI...he changed my meds that day. My GI wasn’t happy, but he has listened to me since.
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    Preventive Care

    Mine have always been seen as maintenance as well. Could a Dr. recategorize them? I have had Drs do that in the past to get a med covered by insurance before...just never had to try with an IBD med. I had a Dr give me a prescription for an over the counter med as well, so that it would be...
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    Can't stop BELCHING

    Sounds like reflux issues...Rolaids Advanced works well for me. Plus the usual recommendations for reflux - don't eat within 3 hrs of going to bed, elevated your head when sleeping, don't eat too fast, no foods that aggravate (spicy foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, caffeine, acidic drinks...
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    Raw vs. boiled vegetables?

    Cooking the vegetables does reduce some of the nutrients, but I have a hard time with raw veggies. I believe steaming them is better to not affect the nutrition as much and should make them more digestable.
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    From Crohns to UC??

    My diagnosis has never been for sure stated as UC or Crohn's. I only have it in the large intestine, but it looks more like Crohn's. My diagnosis right now is indeterminate colitis. It's been that way for over 10 years. When I am flaring badly I have to go on a liquid mostly diet. I like...
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    I have been having some joint issues lately. I stand or walk for most of my work shift and some days I am fine, other days I am left with a lot of pain. What hurts most is my hips, knees and heels. I am just shy of 40, so I feel like arthritis isn’t out of the question however I don’t have any...
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    Adding Stawberries to Diet Found to Decrease Gut Inflammation

    Add them slowly...for some, like myself, too many may cause diarrhea.
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    Striving to be “normal”

    Striving to be “normal” I have been in remission for several years, yet I don’t feel normal. I am nervous about and even avoid certain foods. I know that I should be able to eat anything I want, yet I still shy away from what I perceive as “problem foods.” I feel like a ticking time bomb. Is...
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    Diverticulosis diet tips

    I had my third colonoscopy on Friday and they saw diverticulosis. I had no idea you could have IBD and diverticulosis! I am wondering if anyone has tips for adding fiber to my diet that will not aggravate the Crohn’s? My GI did recommend Benefiber (which I have used before, but have been...
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    Exercise and diarrhea

    The past few weeks I have been really trying to stay active. I was laid off from my job a few months ago and found myself struggling with weight and joint stiffness due to inactivity...my job was pretty active and you were on your feet all day. I do not do any strenuous exercising. Usually...
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    Bye, bye alcohol

    I just want to vent a little about my own dumb mistake over the weekend. Saturday my husband and I went out with friends to a local bar. I don't drink very often, but I do have a beer now and then. Saturday I was feeling good and we ordered beer. I felt good and drank a couple more...well...
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    Diet, exercise, and Crohn's

    Ok so I am having issues with my weight creeping up. I have been in remission and now that I can eat more I find myself still eating a lot of bad, high calorie foods. Sometimes I avoid healthier options because they can cause issues for example...I am able to enjoy salads, but not...
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    Abdominal pain even with remission

    I'm not sure if i have asked this before, but does anyone have abdominal pain even when in remission? My struggle is I have been in remission for quite some time, but still have pain. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, I am very thankful for the remission, but what is the deal??? If I...