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    Heard from Doc today

    Lots of hugs to O! As amazing as she is, this is still quite a lot to process, learn, etc. Thank God she has you to help her get through the first little while. I'm sure you know this but just in case... I've seen quite a few posts on TikTok re stomas. There was even a girl on there who...
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    Heard from Doc today

    I'm sorry it's come to this decision. :( I'm sure O is disappointed that her options are so limited but it sounds as if she has comes to terms with it and wants to move on. Who can blame her for this? She has so much to do and so much to experience, her illness is doing nothing but holding...
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    Nutritional drinks

    Yes to what MLP said. Always check w your GI. There‘s lots of great, knowledgeable advice here BUT no one here knows your GI’s treatment plan. Certainly take heed of the advice you learn here but always run it by GI. 😊
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    Nutritional drinks

    Hi asadmom, sorry, I should have been clearer, I reposted the thread on the forum. Anyway, to make it easier, here's the link: https://crohnsforum.com/threads/enteral-nutrition-een-club.55090/ :) As MLP said, it's very hard to be without food... I think what helped my son the most was being...
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    Nutritional drinks

    asadmom - I posted an older thread relating to EEN. My son did EEN for six weeks to induce remission and was given a reintro diet from the nutritionist at his GI's clinic. It's all in the other thread... Hopefully, the info helps.
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    Enteral Nutrition/EEN Club

    Another thread I'm bumping up... I was looking for S's reintro diet to post in another thread but, thought the entire thread, with lots of EEN info would be useful to many of the new parents here... :)
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    Tips and Tricks 101 (or things your GI forgot to tell you) ;)

    Was trying to find an old post of mine and came across this... thought I'd bump it up as it may be helpful to newer members... and, of course, all new tips are welcome and appreciated! :)
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    Humira and methotrexate

    Just wanted to jump in and say that every parent here has agonized over these meds. I also really hated the idea of giving my son remicade. It's true that the listed side effects sound horrible and so scary. But, the support I received from the members here was a huge help with finally...
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    COVID and Paxlovid in immunosuppressed kiddo

    I'm sorry to hear, Maya. I don't know anything about Paxlovid but I'm glad the treatment is available to her. I hope she recovers quicky! Hugs...
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    5'3.5" and only 70lbs

    Hi ElleT I'm very sorry that crohns has become a part of your life. But, I'm glad you've found this forum and it's members. As you've already seen, there's an incredible amount of knowledge and experience here and all the support and advice you need to get you through the learning curve...
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    Little Pilgrim has Opinions

    Sorry she's dealing with this. Having had back issues myself, I really do feel for her and I hope you can get referrals and appointments quickly. I've also found going to ER gets the quickest referrals. FWIW, S had lots of back pain pre crohns dx. In his case, not sure which came first...
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    Heard from Doc today

    This is the member’s blog detailing his experience http://mypsct.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-07-11T22:42:00-04:00&max-results=7&start=70&by-date=false&m=1
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    Heard from Doc today

    I think this is the thread…. Or, at least, I think it’s talking about the same treatment and dr. https://crohnsforum.com/threads/most-exciting-breakthrough-that-youre-missing.21897/
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    Heard from Doc today

    Just saw your updates now. Poor O... she really has battled lots!! I hope this gets her feeling decently for a little while at least!! With your talk of stem cell, I recalled a member here who had had a stem cell treatment and had a great outcome. It was when S was initially diagnosed, so...
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    Success Stories

    Aww, such great news to hear! I feel like there are some kids here who travelled their crohns' path together with S and, after so many years of discussions, questions, support and laughs, it's great to hear they're all grown up and doing well! Love it!! :D