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    What does your Crohn’s pain feel like?

    Last serious flare up was 2011 - constant abdominal pain that would interrupt my sleep, chills, loss of appetite, fatigue Since then I have "mini flare ups" in which certain "trigger foods" would cause abdominal inflammation and "waves" of abdominal cramps lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 hours...
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    Diet Help and Advice

    There is no single diet that fits every crohns patient. The perplexing thing about CD is that no two patients have the same trigger foods. There are foods on the JCC "not allowed" diet that do not bother me at all.
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    Diagnosed after 40?? Anyone???

    First symptoms and diagnosis in 2005 at age 42. Symptoms started right after a bad flu. That virus messed with my system, there is a suspected connection between the flu virus and crohns.
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    Feels like labour pain.

    Anything that is a natural anti-inflammatory seems to control it. Dark chocolate is one (YAY!) If you had resection surgery, avoid spicy condiments and artificial cheeses (beware of restaurants). The spicy condiments can aggravate the adhesive from the sutures, causing it to swell and...
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    Feels like labour pain.

    Male here with no experience in labor pains but plenty with abdominal cramps from CD. When I get "the cramps" I mix 8oz of greek yogurt with a heaping spoon of honey and eat it. The yogurt has probiotics that is friendly to the piping, and the honey is a natural anti-inflammatory. This helps...
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    Feels like labour pain.

    I had a case of shingles back in March. Shingles is contagious and is spread by the flaking of dry skin from the blisters. Only people who never had chicken pox or have not had the vaccine are vulnerable. While the same virus causes both shingles and chicken pox, a person who contracts the...
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    Why Don't GI Doctors Take The Role Of Diet Seriously?

    Diet will not prevent or cause Crohns. In some patients - such as myself - diet can be used to CONTROL Crohns. In my case, I developed abdominal cramps about 8 years into the disease. I began to suspect food triggers, and ultimately succeeded in isolating the trigger foods that caused the...
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    Another trigger food uncovered

    The last five years the only issues I have with CD is abdominal cramps due to a trigger food. I managed to identify the culprits but CD can develop a new reaction at any time. I recently had to add popcorn to the list, and I had been eating it regularly without issues - no more. I like the...
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    Stomach Flu - similar symptoms to CD cramps

    I caught the stomach flu last week (yay me!) Initially I was confused because the symptoms were similar to abdominal cramps when crohns has a reaction to something I ate. The first night was the worst, vomiting and cramps for 10 hours. Slight dehydration and brief periods of chills...
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    Rejecting my doctor

    My CD is mild compared to most cases. Back in 2013 I developed a reaction to certain foods (abdominal cramps, sometimes a blockage), figured out which foods they were, and have adjusted my diet. For the last two years this has worked great. I was problem-free until last fall when one of those...
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    Very positive report following Colonoscopy

    My follow-up with my GI relating to my colonoscopy on 8/24 was today. Other than the stricture (report called it "inflammation"), my piping was pretty much unremarkable. I told my GI that other than one episode, I had been free of problems in the last six months through diet (eliminating...
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    Colonoscopy Monday! Hooray!!!

    ...I just hate the day before though... :poo:
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    Eating at restaurants

    My doctor had suggested a gluten-free diet to help the chronic abdominal cramps I had been experiencing. So far I have isolated raw nuts, foods with high starch, and processed cheese as triggers to my cramps. None of those have gluten so I had my doubts about the diet but I would try anything...
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    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    Not all hospital stays after abdominal surgery are typical of the OP. I was in the hospital for twelve days & didn't get the NG tube until day 6 due to a blockage. Best thing I ever took along was my netbook - I could surf the net over wireless to pass the time.
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    Honey & Yogurt relieves abdominal cramps

    Last night as bedtime approached I felt another episode of abdominal cramps coming on. Felt more like indigestion than a blockage (belly is soft). As I laid in bed the cramps were getting worse. I really didn't want my holiday vacation ruined by cramps. I tried some yogurt from the fridge...