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  • On December 28, went to the hospital as instructed by a nurse. I was vomiting the night before and much into that day. I got an IV and with CRP of 103, that should have been below 10. The doc has a father and brother with Crohn's and wanted to admit me, but due to that hospital receiving a lot of Covid patients, I could not get admitted and he told me to get an outpatient IV the next day. The next day I was not able to get DIspatch who come to your house scheduled as they were over-booked. I could not get a ride to Urgent Care, so I went without and further crashed.

    The DIspatch nurse arranged for me to get admitted to another hospital, which did happen. I spent 3 days there, coming home on January 1, 2022. I joked, I spent over a year there. My Crohn's is active. I was told by a doctor from my GI office that I would be there for at least 6 days. I looked like hell, my first day.

    The good news is that on New Year's Eve, after managing my stoma bleeding during a bag change, I got a little fed up and took charge. I got out of bed, walked the halls, and then started on solid food. Suddenly, with my circulation woken up, I was feeling and looking better. My lower left side was still and is still inflamed. With the encouragement of an awesome nurse, I turned around and started the New Year by going home. I am doing better. I am still a little miffed that 80% of the people admitted to the hospital did not have vaccines. It was my local hospital and another nearby hospital's turn to take the brunt of the Covid patients. Hospitals can't turn away patients, first come first served. It's just that I got all my vaccines and booster and those who ignored the facts, prevented me from getting admitted. Good thing the other hospital had a bed available for me. I am blessed.

    I wish everyone a wonderful New Year. I do believe this will be a good year, maybe not as quickly as I want it to be, but it's about damn time I control my own life.
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