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    Fibrin Glue for Fistula

    I will share my experience: I went private and insisted on a fibrin glue procedure. We did two surgeries: one to insert a draining seton (this was the hard part - uncomfertable and painful if your job involves sitting on a chair all day) and a second to insert the fibrin glue. It healed up...
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    Fistulotomy Won’t Heal - Advice?

    Hey there, I had two fistula surgeries (ten years apart, the first was a fibrin glue plug) and followed this protocol and both times at the one week follow up the surgeons exclaimed that it was healing much faster than expected: - Get a tube of Povidone iodine marketed as "Betadyne". This is...
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    Iodene irrigation for anal fistula

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with a high perianal fistula. I am considering irrigating my anus with Savlon iodene spray twice a day to see what happens. I fear this might lead to formation of granulation tissue withni the fistula. Any words of wisdom? Thanks,
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    Fibrin glue treatment in UK?

    Hello. Does anyone know of a place I can get a fibrin glue surgery for a high anal fistula in the UK? Almost all the surgeons I met with wanted to lay it open. I should mention that I am have not been checked for Crohns. Thanks, Thol