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    How long does it take i.v sedation to wear off?

    Hi. I have a sigmoidoscopy and gastroscopy soon. Unfortunately it was booked on the same day as another medical consultation. I don't want to wait another 4-5weeks for either so I'm going to try and do both on the same day. The scope will be at 2pm. The next appointment is at 3.30pm. Will I...
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    How far can a sigmoidoscope go?

    I saw my GI about 3 weeks ago. We discussed doing an upper and lower scope. My bowel symptoms aren't tooo bad - I'm not majorly flaring but I'm not right either and am having pain and tenderness on the right hand side. He wrote in the letter to my GP that he wanted to look at my terminal...
  3. Thunderstorm

    Does anyone else get the buttcheek tingles?

    I've often noticed that when my bowel is feeling pretty angry, I'll get a strange tingling/prickly sensation in both butt cheeks that lasts just a few seconds and then disappears. It's usually a warning sign that something is likely to happen soon and I shouldn't stray too far from my bathroom...
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    'Easily palpable terminal ileum'

    Is that a normal/good thing? Just trying to decipher the letter from my GI to GP. Thanks :p
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    Small bowel MRI scan - glucose and water drink? + Positive stories please :)

    I've read so many stories on here and other sites talking about awful the drink is beforehand, and how it gives horrible diarrhea afterwards. From what I have read, this seems to be a gloopy mixture, made from mannitol etc. I mentioned to the radiographer that I was worried about this and she...
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    Does anyone get worse when they don't eat? Burning, pain etc

    Hey guys. I'm currently undiagnosed. I've had intestinal problems (diagnosed ibs!!) for several years, but after a horrible few months this year was finally sent to a gastroenterologist. Two calprotectin tests have shown inflammation (although not that high), so my GI is suggesting that I have...
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    A few questions about the Calprotectin test

    Hi there. I've suffered various gastrointestinal problems for quite a while now, and I finally got referred to a gastroenterologist recently who ordered a calprotectin test to check for any inflammation (as you all know). My questions are: Does it show inflammation throughout the entire...