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    Hi All, I happened to have watched a documentary about euthanasia in Switzerland recently and it struck me that I would probably take this route should my quality of life drop to a level that I considered unsustainable. Would anyone else take this option as well? Something to think about.
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    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    I am a waste of a human being. I have no future. It has been sacrificed to being in pain and feeling sad. All I wanted was the same chances as everyone else. It's all so desperately unfair. I'll never be a success. My parents must look at me as a failure. They must be embarrassed by their...
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    Stelara Experiences

    Hi all, I'm possibly, maybe about to start Stelara if the local funding is agreed. Can anyone share their experiences of being on it? I have a lovely, plush leaflet but it's not the same as everyone chipping in with their experiences. Many thanks Tom
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    Treatment Length

    Hi all, Quick query: Am I right in remembering that the longer Crohn's takes to diagnose the longer it takes to treat effectively? Many thanks
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    Moviprep for an Ileoscopy

    Hi all, I've had an Ileoscopy scheduled and they've asked me to take Moviprep this time. I've told them that I've never required it in the past. They've agreed to speak to the Consultant and get back to me. What is everyone else's experience of having an Ileoscopy? Did you require Moviprep...
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    Which energy supplements do you recommend?

    Hi all I've been suffering from extreme tiredness recently and I was wondering if everyone could recommend a particular energy supplement? I have a permanent Ileostomy caused by Crohn's combined with a borderline short bowel syndrome.To treat the Crohn's I take Infliximab every 8 weeks. I am...
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    Remicade (Infliximab) effectiveness

    Hi all I have been prescribed Infliximab every 2 months and I am 6 months into the course. This includes the initial booster dose of the drug. So far, I seem to only be experiencing the side effects of Infliximab. I am still in a lot of pain after I eat and when I wake up. Can anyone tell me...
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    From IBD to Crohn's

    Hi All, I have recently had my IBD diagnosis changed to Crohn's and I'm not coping well. Has anyone experienced this and can they give me some tips. Many thanks everyone.
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    Making a claim against the NHS for misdiagnosis

    Hi All, Just a quick query but has anyone made a claim against the NHS for misdiagnosis. Specifically, I was diagnosed with UC and in fact I have Crohn's. This meant my ileo-anal pouch operation was a disaster which almost led to my death. Has anyone any experience of Solicitors or able to...
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    New PICC Line

    Hi All I've just had a PICC Line placed for Infliximab infusions. Does anyone have any tips for living with one? Many thanks
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    No Canula; No Infusion

    It's as simple as the title sugests. Despite warning the Infusion Unit that I would require someone from the hospitals' I.V.Team to canulate me no-one was available. This was to be my first infusion of Infliximab and now I am left with pain and disappointment. The NHS is wonderful but it never...
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    The Worst Part of Crohns

    Hi All It's a Saturday afternoon and i've just made my disabled, elderly parents afternoon coffee. Recently i've begun to feel more and more socially isolated due to a flare or a motility issue relating to strictures. This made me think about what's the worse side effect caused by Crohns/UC...
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    Relationships with siblings

    Hi All, I just wondered if people could share their experiences of how IBD affects their relationships with brothers and sisters? I ask as Crohns has had an entirely negative experience on my relationship with my brother and sister. They don't seem interested in understanding IBD and it's...
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    Has anyone made a claim against the NHS?

    It's as simple as that really. I was mistakenly diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis when I have Crohns. This incorrect diagnosis led me to believe that I could have an ileo-anal pouch. This was a total disaster that almost killed me. Recently I received the correct diagnosis of Crohns and I am...
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    Elderly Parents

    This post is probably a little self indulgent, so I apologise in advance. I had to spend most of today in A&E with my elderly Father. Normally it's the other way around with him caring for me. It just struck me that this was likely to be a recurring theme and that the support that I had taken...