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    PLANT BASED DIET ? (Seems to be working for me)

    I was diagnosed 2001 and was extremely malnourished, inflamed and underweight. i never had my Crohn’s under control. been on most meds and none seemed to help. In 2016, I went vegetarian. For the first time in my life I was a healthy weight, stopped throwing up all the time, didn’t feel...
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    ... because 2020 ...

    I caught COVID in March when the hospitals were overrun and I live in one of the hardest hit zip codes at that time. I couldn’t get care and I was worried it would result in a flare. Living alone didn’t make it I was lucky. My symptoms weren’t life threatening and it didn’t trigger a flare-up...
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    Dating and crohn's. Ah!

    Crohn’s isn’t the problem, the problem is a lack of decent people.
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    Tongue pain?

    I haven’t had and mouth/ joint issues until years after I was diagnosed. Crohn’s is tricky to diagnose because the symptoms are so different for everybody and there’s usually a long process of elimination of other possible conditions. Not sure if you live in the US, but ruling out possible...
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    New to this...symptoms and suffering

    I got my crohn’s under control once I started eating more, but I know how hard it is to eat. I achieved remission when I added boost to my diet. Maybe ask your GI about drinking Boost or ensure, even over the phone if possible without a formal appointment.
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    School or college reopening Fall 2020 immunosupressed

    I caught COVID back in March back when it was impossible to see a Dr. Luckily my case wasn’t too bad. I forced myself to eat when I wasn’t hungry to try and avoid COVID triggering a flare up.
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    Not gaining weight on Remicade

    I’ve been drinking 2 bottles of Boost per day to maintain my weight. Morning and night, not as a meal replacement. It’s been working for the past 3 years for me.
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    Tony_G Introduction: Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I was diagnosed when I was 10 (I think 2001). Always had symptoms but they were dismissed as “stress” until severe weight loss triggered a more in-depth look. A GI series and 1 colonoscopy later, I was diagnosed around my 10th birthday. I’m now 26. I’m now living and working in...