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    Back in hospital

    Well, my son Alex was doing pretty good with the LDN. Started at 1.5 on 1/28 for 5 days and then went to 3mg for 3 days and then 4.5 since that time. He has gained 30 lbs since his resection surgery in December and returned to work a couple weeks ago. HOWEVER, we had to run to ER last night...
  2. TracieD

    Mother of son new to Crohn's and LDN

    Hi all - My son, 20 yrs old, was diagnosed 11/2012 with suspected Crohn's when admitted to the hospital for abscess/fistula in the TI region. They placed a drain in the abscess and he was released from the hospital a week later. On 12/5 we rushed back to ER with debilitating pain and found with...
  3. TracieD

    GI in Ohio willing to prescribe?

    Does anyone know of a GI doc near Cincinnati, Ohio that would be willing to consider prescribing LDN? My son, 20 was just diagnosed last month after having to have surgery/resection. This is all very new to us and they are trying to start him on Remicade. He doesn't want it and neither do I...